The Buchecha Side Control Game by Marcus Buchecha Almeida


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Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida teaches you his system for attacking from side control, including how to advance position and get submissions.
Buchecha is a record 13-Time black belt World Champion in the gi, with a unique blend of technical skill and dynamic motion.
Use some of Buchecha’s favorite drills to develop skills for holding and attacking side control.
Attack the mount as you dynamically move into more dominant positions - including how to not get stuck back in the guard.
Lock up some of Buchecha’s signature submissions like the armbar, kimura, scarf choke, and more, including how to mix and combine them for maximum effect!
Sharpen Your Side Control Skills With This Signature System From The Most Successful Gi Grappler Of All-Time, 13-Time World Champ Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida
Control and finish the fight from side control with Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida’s total guide to dominating position and securing submissions from one of BJJ’s most important pins. Buchecha is a record 13-time world champion in the gi and this battle-tested side control system was a huge part of his game. Now you can learn the secrets behind those successes on this new 4-volume series.
Build an entire side control system from the ground up, literally, as Buchecha shows you drills that help you learn how to dynamically control an opponent and create the openings you need for better position or submission. Including drills modified from Capoeira, you can do these at home, before class, or anywhere to improve.
In four easily digestible parts, you’ll cover the armbar from all of the major positions so that you can recognize the submission from anywhere and APPLY IT WITH CONFIDENCE. You'll start with a drill and then some mounted variations before you move on to closed guard and the side control where you'll learn to COUNTER VARIOUS DEFENSES, switch sides, and trap the arm, so you can apply real breaking pressure. You'll even learn to snag an armbar while you’re on the defensive and making an escape from side control! In the last part of the series, Almeida will treat you to some half guard variations, including an inverted armbar, more top position attacks, and finally some instruction from the back to round out this ALL-ENCOMPASSING AND COMPLETE series on one of the most classic submissions in BJJ!
If the armbar has been elusive in your training, this is the perfect time to learn coveted world championship level secrets from one of the best to ever play the game. Almeida will wow you with his exceptional level of detail and fire-forged technical prowess as you master the same themes that have claimed the limbs of some of the most elite competitors in the world!
Part 1:
Drills. Drill To Maintain Side Control
Capoeira Drill 
Capoeira Drill From Single Leg
Arm Attacks Drill 
Arm Attacks Drill #2
Part 2:
Advancing To Mount.
Knee On Belly 
One Leg Trap 
Triangle Leg Trap 
"Na Do Pai" - Daddy's one
Part 3:
Spinning Arm Bar 
Inverted Arm Bar 
Americana and Kimura 
Borg Bar 
Arm Lock From The Kimura Grip 
3 Counter Attacks To The Kimura Defense 
Kimura Hug 
Americana With The Legs 
Wrist Lock 
Modified Arm Bar
Part 4:
Modified Triangle
Arm Bar And Triangle From Lapel Arm Trap 
Baseball Bat Choke From Lapel Arm Trap 
Reverse Triangle
Submissions From The Reverse Triangle Set Up 
Paper Cut 
Arm Trap Choke
Baseball Bat Choke From Knee On Belly
Scarf Choke 
Scarf Choke With Basbell Bat Choke Variation 
Collar Leg Choke 
North And South Choke  
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