Precision Lapel Guard Escapes by Lucas Lepri


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Learn everything you need to know about escaping from lapel guards and turning the fight back to your advantage
Lucas Lepri is one of the most successful black belt competitors in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, winning 7 World Championships with a focus on precision technique
Counter lapel lasso, squid guard, worm guard, and more with step-by-step escapes that work at all levels
Use important gripping concepts and passes with a clear plan on how to escape from some of the most annoying guards in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
This 4-volume instructional series shows you some of Lucas’s keys to beating lapel guards at the elite levels, with clear coaching through every move
Slice Through Every Tricky Lapel Guard With These Passes and Escapes From Multiple-Time World Champion and Guard Passing Expert Lucas Lepri
See all of the most precise and effective ways to escape from the lapel guard with multiple-time world champion Lucas Lepri’s complete guide to beating these modern positions. Escape, pass, and counter all of the most popular and common lapel guards on this 4-volume series with Lucas.
Fight out of worm guard, reverse de la worm guard, squid guard, and more as Lucas shows you step-by-step how to untie yourself and turn the fight back to your advantage. Every position will offer you options anyone can do with Lucas’s coaching on how to be precise in the technique (without relying on athleticism).
Lucas Lepri is one of the most technical black belts in the world, winning multiple world championships and cementing himself as one of the best lightweight competitors in history. Now you cean learn some of his most effective top work as you see his passing approach to the lapel guards that are becoming more popular all the time.
The next time a training partner sticks you into a lapel guard that has you all tied up, you can have a roadmap back to safety with Lucas’s techniques. Across this 4-volume series, learn how to shut down and stop the lapel players in their tracks.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Lapel guard prevention when not engaged
Lapel guard prevention when in De La Riva concepts 
Preventing the opponent from engaging the lapel lasso 
Lapel lasso cartwheel Escape to toreada pass or knee cut 
Lapel lasso cartwheel escape variation, when opponent follows, to toreada pass variation 
Lapel lasso escape to toreada pass variation
Part 2:
Squid guard prevention
Squid guard escape by applying pressure to knee cut pass 
Squid guard escape to stack pass to modified leg drag 
Squid guard sweep defense to pressure pass 
Squid guard sweep defense to pressure pass attempt to armbar 
Squid guard defense when in closed guard / open guard to pass to side control 
Squid guard prevention from lapel lasso to back take when opponent inverts 36:05 Squid guard escape to toreada pass 
Modified Squid guard escape to sweep attempt defense
Part 3:
Worm guard with deep de la riva escape 
Worm guard escape variation by breaking the grips 
X shin worm guard escape 
One leg x with lapel control escape to side control 
One leg x modified lapel control escape to knee cut and back step pass 
Knee cut pass attempt to reverse de la riva with lapel control escape
Knee cut pass attempt to reverse de la riva with lapel control variation escape to knee cut pressure pass 
Reverse de la riva escape to wrist pin to knee cut pass
Part 4:
Modified worm guard deep half guard escape to back take 
Worm guard counter with invisible armbar
Double lasso with lapel and arm control escape 
Double lasso with lapel and arm control escape variation to leg drag pass
Connection concepts 
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