The Precise Half Guard by Lucas Lepri


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Build a technical and fundamentally strong half guard game with Lucas Lepri
Lucas Lepri is one of the most successful black belt competitors in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, winning 7 World Championships with a focus on precision technique
Escape from bad position with Lucas’s guide to creating space and getting away using the half guard
See how you can use half guard variations like the knee shield, reverse half, waiter position, and more for sweeping and back taking success
Lucas is not just a great competitor, he’s one of the best technicians and instructors in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Sweep and Escape From Half Guard With 7-Time World Champion Lucas Lepri’s Guide For An Effective Bottom Game
Build a precise and technical half guard game with step-by-step coaching from one of the best black belts of all-time, 7-time World Champion Lucas Lepri. Learn all of the fundamentals, sweeps, escapes, and back takes that can take your half guard to another level on this 4-part series.
Work off your back with Lucas’s technical advice on defending and holding a safe half guard while setting up high-percentage offense. Use the knee shield, waiter position, lapel grips, and more to create a dangerous and reliable system of attack.
Lucas Lepri is one of the most technical black belts in the world, winning multiple world championships and cementing himself as one of the best lightweight competitors in history. This is your chance to learn some of his best guard work and see why Lucas has become such a respected competitor and instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
With a focus on highly effective techniques, you can start to use half guard against grapplers bigger and stronger to great effect. Grapplers of any size or age can use these base moves for faster improvement, with escapes and sweeps that have worked for Lucas against some of the best.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Half guard decomposition to closed guard
Half guard to closed guard by making opponent post out and using knee shield 
Half guard escape to closed guard when opponent switches base
Mount sacrifice escape to back take 
Half guard escape to knee shield with undertook to pendulum sweep to mount 
Half guard escape to knee shield with undertook to pendulum sweep attempt when opponent posts out to back take
Part 2:
Escape series when opponent changes base in half guard 
Half guard escape series to sweeps with belt or arm control 
Half guard escape to technical stand up
Part 3:
Waiter sweep series 
Knee cut counter with one leg x sweep series
Half guard escape with knee shield when opponent tries to trap the leg
Part 4:
Reverse half guard sweep series using the hook and leg drag 
Using lapel to sweep from reverse half guard
Knee cut with cross collar escape to sweeps series 
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