Pressure Passing Mastery against Common Guards by Lucas Pinheiro


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Pinheiro is a black belt under the legendary Carlos Holanda and claimed gold at both gi and no-gi Pans in 2020, cementing himself as one of the top light-featherweight competitors in the world
Master the art of applying pressure to the toughest guards in the room regardless of the bottom player’s size
Unlock answers to passing the most common guards in modern jiu-jitsu with elite level details and fresh perspective from a young, world-class competitor
Learn to Apply World-Class Pressure to Almost Any Guard Passing Exchange with Atos Top Light Featherweight Competitor, Lucas Pinheiro
Known for his exceptional ability to pass the guard, “Bad Boy” Lucas Pinheiro has been showcasing his skills at the highest levels of competition, making a name for himself, and claiming gold in some of BJJ’s most prestigious events as a Black Belt. With Pressure Passing Against Classic Guards, Pinheiro will provide you with the tools to pass the toughest guards on the mat, demonstrating how to cultivate pressure so that you can turn up the heat and pass against guard players of any size!
You’ll work through a library of passes against BJJ’s most highly utilized guards in 4 volumes of fresh, effective guard passing wizardry. Dismantle the De La Riva guard, untangle yourself from the spider guard, smash the knee shield, and even pick up some details on Pinheiro’s signature cross grip pass! Plus much more! All with world level details and easy-to-follow guidance from Pinheiro himself! These are the passing strategies that Pinheiro uses at the highest levels to effectively pressure his way through some of the best guards in the world.
Pinheiro is on a tear at the black belt level and has developed a formula to pass the guard based on his experiences at the highest levels of competition. As a light-featherweight, he has developed his guard passing so that it's effective against any size guard player, making this a perfect instructional for BJJ players of all sizes and ranks. Master the art of cultivating crushing pressure and breakthrough classic guards with this specialized series from one of today's most successful competitors!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
De La Riva Guard Pass Dominating The Ankle 
Variation Of The De La Riva Guard Pass Dominating The Ankle
Part 2:
Half Guard Pass by Locking The Opponent’s Hips 
Half Guard Pass When Person Is Pushing My Hip With The Knee 
Spider Guard Pass Dominating The Opponent’s Shin 
Spider Guard Pass With A Grip On The Calf
Part 3:
Lasso Guard Pass Opening The Knee To The Folding Pass
Lasso Guard Pass With A Cross Grip On The Lapel When Person Has Double Sleeves And Foot On The Hip 
Knee Shield Guard Pass With Pressure On The Opponent’s Hips 
Knee Shield Guard Pass Under Hooking The Leg
Part 4:
My Signature Cross Grip Guard Pass Controlling The Opponent’s Pants 
My Signature Cross Grip Guard Pass With Shoulder Pressure When Disengaged 
Toreando The Spider Guard 
Spider Guard Pass by Holding The Opponent’s Pants
Using A Leg Drag To Pass When Disengaged
Spider Guard Pass With A Grip On The Calf
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