Winning Fundamentals: Open Guard by Giancarlo Bodoni


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Giancarlo Bodoni is a Black Belt under Lucas Lepri with IBJJF World Titles to his credit at Brown Belt and he continues to be a top contender at the Black Belt level

Master solid fundamental techniques that you can expand on throughout your entire jiu-jitsu journey
Explore a vast library of trustworthy open guard concepts and techniques that anyone can learn and apply, regardless of physical attributes or rank
The open guard is a vast open plain of possibilities and Giancarlo Bodoni is going to help you narrow your focus so that you can devote your attention to the fundamental techniques that will give you the biggest bang for your buck! With Winning Fundamentals: Open Guard, you'll get trustworthy and reliable open guard techniques from a World Champion competitor that will serve you from white to black belt! STOP guessing which techniques you should be studying! We all know that building a solid foundation is key to a lifetime of BJJ success and Bodoni has the perfect open guard formula to help you tighten up your bottom game and add reliable tools to your open guard arsenal!
From sweeps, submissions, and transitions to multiple open guard concepts and configurations, Bodoni has you covered in 8-Volumes of fundamental open guard mastery! You'll learn reversals, pinch headlock tactics, collar and sleeve techniques, double sleeve techniques, enter into x-guard, De La Riva and so much more! Bodoni has assembled an easy-to-follow guide that includes the most important and useful open guard strategies for you to follow right along to or browse for specific instruction!
The BEST techniques are the ones that will serve you for the duration of your grappling career and Bodoni has done the homework for you! This massive series will help you build more confidence in your open guard game and give you a plan when it comes to engaging in the open guard! With trusted proven techniques you will quickly build a more efficient open guard game that will pay off in dividends for years to come!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Butterfly guard hook sweep (opponents on 2 knees)
Basic applications and mechanics
Maintaining position throughout the hook sweep 
Part 2:
Sweeping the basing leg 
Clamp guard off posting arm 
Reverse arm lock 
Shoulder crunch 
Kicking the knee 
Double overhooks 
Single leg entry
Butterfly off your back
Part 3:
Pinch headlock
Slide by to the back
Pinch head lock to shoulder crunch
Reverse armlock 
Pinch headlock to 2 on 1 sweep 
Cross gripping
Throw by 
2 on 1 to arm drag 
Side hook sweep
Part 4:
Off your back (Combate base)
Spider mobility drill 
Scissor sweep 
Spider lasso guard
Part 5:
Shin across lasso sweep 
Shin to shin 
Deep de la riva 
Single leg sweep 
Separating elbow and knee connection for omoplata 
Single leg x entry
Part 6:
Standing Opponent
Double sleeve
Spider guard triangle 
Spider guard Omoplata
Spider guard ballon sweep 
Double ankle pick 
Spider Guard Knee Lever Sweep 
Spider lasso Omoplata 
Spider lasso triangle
Spider lasso sweep 
Tripod sweep 
Reverse tripod
Lasso hook sweep
Part 7:
Collar and sleeve and De la Riva
Collar and sleeve triangle 
Collar and sleeve Omoplata 
Collar and sleeve dela riva balloon sweep 
Collar and sleeve DLR Side baloon sweep
Collar and sleeve DLR side sweep 
DLR single leg 
DLR to Sit up guard sweep 
DLR to single leg X entry 
Part 8:
Single leg X and X guard
Single Leg X Basic Drill 
Single leg X basic sweep 
Single leg X double pants sweep 
Single leg X throw in the trash 
Single Leg & X-Guard 
X guard sweep holding far sleeve 
X guard sweep holding near side sleeve
X guard balloon sweep
Reverse dela Riva
RDR single Leg
RDR scoop grip sweep 
RDR Tripod sweep
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