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In this series, 8X World Champion, Bruno Malfacine teaches many techniques that he eventually chains all together into one long sequential drill. Here he discusses why he likes to drill in this fashion, and also talks about his background in Jiu-Jitsu.
From inside his opponent's reverse De La Riva guard, Bruno makes grips on the collar and pants, keeping his elbow closed to avoid his opponent bringing his knee inside or making a lasso. He turns his knee in to break the hook, and slices his shin across the shin, and passes to knee on belly, keeping his grips the whole time.
Bruno begins this position by passing the reverse De La Riva guard with the shin slice again, but this time his opponent shrimps before he can establish the pass. Keeping his grips on the collar and pants, Bruno lowers his head to the mat next his opponent's shoulder, and keeps his weight on it as he jumps to the other side. He lands with his knee in the hip and now he can establish side control.
From side control, Bruno's opponent shrimps, so Bruno bases with his near knee up and he pushes his opponent's top knee down, trapping the bottom leg with it. He puts his weight in his arms and jumps over the legs to the other side. His knee goes under his opponent's legs and he pulls him flat on his back before getting the cross face and securing side control.
Bruno's opponent shrimps again trying to escape side control, and Bruno keeps his hand controlling the hip. He steps his foot over the head, and as he drops his knee behind the back, his other knee comes up. Keeping the hips trapped with his elbow, Bruno back steps as he swims his other arm inside his opponent's arm to get the cross face and establish side control.
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