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The greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter of all time, Saulo Ribeiro breaks all the rules with the most inovative grappling series ever produced, Jiu-Jitsu Revolution! With an unprecedented 6 World Mundial Jiu-Jitsu titles (most in history), Saulo Ribeiro's fight game is one of absolute mastery over all positions in competition. His unorthodox aproach to weight distribution, body momentum and fight strategy are unlike anything you have ever seen before! Even the simplest of grappling positions will take on new meaning as Saulo teaches how to maximize your technique, making each transition and move in your grappling game much more powerful than you ever thought possible!

Volume 1. The Mount
This first DVD contains details about the mount position that will surely change your top game forever. Saulo reveals how many fighters do not hold this position even close to correct and exposes the weakness of the way modern fighters use the mount. This DVD shows the secrets of the "old Jiu-Jitsu" that will enable you to control your opponent from the mount while using little energy. Also covered is the very best mount escape material you will ever see. Included is an exclusive interview with Saulo as he discusses his philosophies on Jiu-Jitsu, Rickson Gracie and more.

Volume 2. The Cross Body
This DVD covers the Cross Body position and Knee on Stomach unlike anything you have ever seen before. Saulo teaches how to use your hips and weight to dominate anyone and really open up the submission game! Prepare to make submissions from the Cross Body and Knee on Stomach very common after you watch this DVD! To finish things off, Saulo also shows how to escape the Cross-Body and Knee on Stomach position using minimal effort with maximum results!

Volume 3. The Back Position
Saulos back game is just mind blowing! Here he teaches the proper way to obtain the back and how to really control your opponent. This is one of the most revolutionary looks at this position ever seen on any instructional product. Everything is covered here. Control, submissions and the ever important back escapes!

Volume 4. The Guard
Saulo will take your guard fighting abilities to all new heights with some of the most innovative and creative techniques you will ever see. Learn how to take control of any opponent and sweep, turnover and submit from the open and closed guard position.

Volume 5. The Half Guard
This position is one of the most important in modern day Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The techniques shown in Saulo?s half guard DVD cover concepts that will enable you to be successful against larger and more experienced fighters by using better position, weight distribution and superior technique!

Volume 6. Passing the Guard
Saulos Jiu-Jitsu Revolution guard passing DVD is absolutely amazing! Learn to open the legs and pass even the most advanced guards with the most creative guard material you will ever see! This DVD covers the closed guard, open guard and many variations like the butterfly guard and more.

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