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This amazing DVD series stars Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Eduardo Telles, world famous for his incredible Turtle and Octopus guard. Telles has single handedly changed what fighters and instructors previously believed was possible from these positions. His Turtle guard fight game enables him to sweep, reverse and even submit from the turtle, once considered to be a defensive position only. In this series, Telles teaches all, from the basics of the position to the most advanced aspects in his game. He holds nothing back and shows every move in his arsenal. As an incredible bonus, Telles teaches his new Octopus guard that he has developed for submission grappling.

DVD 1-Turtle Guard Basics
This DVD covers all of the basics that you will need to know about this position. Telles talks about how he developed the Turtle as a guard and how the position has evolved for him over the years. On volume one, he teaches in detail all of the most important fundamental aspects including how to protect when in the Turtle from back attacks and chokes. This is a really important DVD regarding the basics of the Turtle and sets up the rest of the series.

DVD 2 –Turtle Sweeps One
On this DVD, Telles starts the amazing process of teaching his Turtle Guard sweep game. Over 22 techniques are on this DVD including his unique sitting up sweep series and all of its variations. These series of sweeps are highly unique because they were developed from the Turtle guard exclusively. This is the first DVD ever produced on this position and will become one of the most valuable intros to what can be done from the Turtle regarding sweeps.

DVD 3 –Turtle Sweeps Two
This DVD is the second of his sweep series and contains 16 detailed sweeps and turnovers Telles calls the ankle control sweep. Telles breaks down this sweep from the basics and takes you through many variations and counters. Telles has found the most effective ways to bait his opponent when he is in the Turtle and attack their vulnerabilities. This is a really advanced DVD on Turtle guard sweeps and will really improve your Jiu-Jitsu game.

DVD 4 –Submissions
This awesome DVD contains 24 submissions from the Turtle Guard! Wrist locks, armbars including Kimuras and Omoplatas, leg locks, ankle locks, calf crushes, chokes and more. You will not see these submissions elsewhere because no one is doing them from this position! If you are into submissions, you are going to really love this DVD.

DVD 5–The Octopus Guard
One of the most innovative fighters alive, Eduardo Telles changes grappling again with his amazing Octopus guard! This guard he personally developed for submission grappling and as a highly effect position when there is no kimono to grip on to. This is one of the slickest positions you will ever see and will surprise even the best opponents! Telles starts the DVD by taking you through the theory of the Octopus, the basics and continues with sweeps, turnovers and some of the nastiest submissions you will ever see. This Octopus guard will for sure become one of your favorite positions!

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