Chin Na In Depth Courses 9-12 - Dr.Yang Jwing-Ming


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"Chin Na" means "Seize Control"

Learn Chin Na (Qin Na) for controlling and incapacitating your opponent with 43 hand, leg, and chin na counter-attack techniques. Each technique is presented up-close and in detail multiple times by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and can be found in Dr. Yang's bestselling books Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na and Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na. Dr. Yang also shows corrections for common mistakes as students demonstrate the techniques.

Course 9:

  1. Control the Dragon's Head
  2. Control the Dragon's Tail
  3. Send the Devil to Heaven
  4. Turn the Body to Seize the Monkey
  5. Walk With Me
  6. Upward Elbow Wrap
  7. Low Elbow Press
  8. Old Man Promoted to General
  9. Left Right Cross Elbow
  10. Old Man Bows Politely
  11. Both Hands Seize the Murderer
  12. Twist the Arm and Press the Neck
  13. The Arm Holds the Dragon's Head

Course 10: 10 Leg-Controlling and Wrestling Techniques

Course 11: 10 Leg-Controlling and Wrestling Techniques

Course 12: 10 Chin Na versus Chin Na Techniques

This program is designed to match Dr. Yang's Chin Na Seminar Series.

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