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NO NONSENSE NUTRITION John Berardi and the Science Link team have developed a step-by-step system capable of achieving lasting results in people from all walks of life, If you're looking for optimal body composition and optimal health -- for the rest of your life -- then this video Is what you're looking for.
Previously available only to our elite athletes and clients, this remarkably simple system Is now available to the public, via the the most surprising, honest, and information-packed nutrition product this industry has ever seen: The No Nonsense Nutrition DVD.
DISC 'I Seminar: Foundation • What to Do and How to Do It 
The Right Mindset Learn! Know the right info, how to Implement It and how to internalize It Use the right map! Are you headed in the right direction? Raise your standards! Start today! 
The Right Information Avoid falling victim to the "expert problem" The relationship between eating for health and eating for optimal body composition Health objectives Body composition objectives The 7 habits of highly effective nutrition plans 
The Right Plan Creating a meal plan based on the 7 habits When the one-size fits all works Shopping successfully Planning meals successfully Eating successfully The First Supper 
Conclusion Go forth and eat 
Bonus Segment: In the Grocery Store and the Kitchen 1. A trip to the local grocery store: putting the rules into practice Look at the labels: understanding what the food labels mean and what to avoid Set the timer: simple strategies to cook all your food for the day in 30 minutes and sometimes less 
DISC 2 Seminar: Individualization • Your Life and Your Needs 
Introduction The fed of Individualization Whet does true Individualization mean? From one size fits all to tailoring your program 
The Moot Important Individual Concern The "Ingenuity Gap" Adpoling a problem solving mind Finding AND" solutions Nutrition AND your personal lifestyle Defending against "EITHER/OW 
The Details of Nutritional Indlvldusllssllen Demystifying program design The decision making procedures we use every day The three criterion for program design Achieving body composition results 
Conclusion Our challenges to you 
Interview Segment: Keys to Troubleshooting end Rine Tuning When fine tuning Is really Important: outcome•besed deolsion•making How to handle social situations, restaurants, and travelling What changes you should make when progress is stagnant end whet must remain the same What to do when all else fails 
Bonus Segment: Inside a Human Jerfonllenae Lab • Body composition testing • Testing metabolism • Testing muscle strength Nutritional Interventions and human performance
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