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If you're envying the six-pack abs on Jillian Michaels, trainer from NBC's The Biggest Loser and self-proclaimed "TV's toughest fitness guru," look no further than her Shape-Up Backside exercise DVD for an intense high-impact workout. Michaels keeps your body moving (though she herself skips out on half the exercises) with hammer curls, oblique raises, step ups, planks, and a move called The Superman destined to tone your back, biceps glutes, hamstrings and abs. There's a lower-level option, but Michaels likes to "kick your butt," as she says, to get you to feel the burn. Shape-Up Backside's DVD features include printable diet/exercise logs, nutrition tips and recipes. It requires two props: a bench-style exercise step and light dumbbells, which may make it difficult for beginners. But if you give it a try, even in the comfort of your living room you'll think you're in a gym -- trainer yelling in your ear and all.

Shape Up Backside: "Welcome to The Back in Action. The idea behind this workout is that we're going to work the entire backside of your body. Your back, your biceps, your glutes, yur hamstrings, and of course, as always, your abs. We will be keeping it very aerobic throughout our resistance training because we want to burn off fat and that is the best way to do it. The reason we're working our back and our biceps together is they have the same function. They are both pull muscles. You want to work them on the same day. And the reason behind incorporating glues and hamstrings is so we can work upper and lower body at the same time and really elevate the heart rate and burn off that fat. The only muscle group that we will be incorporating in every workout is the abs. The abs can tolerate a workout everyday without too much fatigure. Ok guys, let's get started."

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