Over the past 6 years, Martin Rooney of the Parisi Spped School has been the nation's authority in preparing MMA fighters, jiu-jitsu players, grapplers, judoka, wrestlers, and boxers for competition.

This 2 disc set contains 4 hours of real-time workouts by Team Renzo Gracie. Included are the conditioning sessions that helped Roger Gracie and Kyra Gracie both win gold at the 2005 ADCC World Grappling Championships and the strength and sparring sessions that allowed Rodrigo Gracie to win at Pride FC and K-1. In addition to the workouts, there are discussions of training philosophy and program design. If you are a martial artist looking to also become a martial athlete, this DVD set will take your game to the next level.

Simply put, how a martial artist trains is exactly how a martial artist fights! When you train like a warrior you get results!

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Training for Warriors-Team Renzo Gracie

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