Bellydance Body for Beginners with Suhaila Salimpour


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5 fun workouts — Only 10 minutes a day!

Short on time and looking for a fun, new workout? If you've got 10 minutes, this hot fusion of fitness and bellydance moves helps you burn calories and achieve the body of your dreams! Mixing and matching routines is easy and effective with this time-saving program, presented by Suhaila and her dance company.

Pilates - Fuse Pilates and bellydance moves to isolate different muscle groups, and melt away unwanted pounds. Work your glutes and stretch your way to a long, lean body.

Dance Combinations - Never stop moving with this energizing program that puts the fun in workout. Combine 13 hot dance moves into one sizzling routine you can take to the clubs!

Buns - The ultimate workout for sexy, tight buns! Shimmy your hips, trim the waist and work the glutes in this fat-burning blast of fun.

Yoga - A sensual fusion of two ancient art forms, this program energizes the body and spirit. Easy-to-follow moves burn calories, and provide a complete workout.

Jazz - Cut calories with hot jazz moves! This high-energy program combines more than 15 dance moves into a powerful cardio workout.

Program Features:

- Customize routines to match your schedule
- Work abs, arms and thighs
- Get bellydance buns with unique moves
- Includes bonus bellydance performance ensemble

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