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Sharon Kihara welcomes you to the world of Tribal Fusion Style Bellydance, a beautiful, expressive and stamina building art form. With her first long awaited and popularly demanded instructional DVD, she presents to you a fun and invigorating take on learning to move with strength, grace, and power. With practice and patience, the exercises in Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Sharon Kihara,Technique and Conditioning can help you increase your strength, flexibility and overall muscular control, and contribute to a lifelong healthy dance practice.

Among Tribal Fusion DVD's, this one is a definite keeper! The DVD is well organized in a way that makes sense and keeps things flowing well. Plus, Sharon is gorgeous to watch! The music and set are nice as well.

The workout portion begins with a yoga warm up and then Sharon takes us through a series of isolation drills (glutes, abs, back, shoulders, etc.). I didn't time it, but I think the workout lasted about 45 minutes. I found it very helpful to use a yoga mat for about half of the workout.
I like this workout because it definitely works up a sweat and gets you breathing, but it's not so hard that it becomes frustrating. I'm not in great shape and I could do it, though it took some effort! These are the drills you want to do in order to build up the muscle memory that will enable you to perform the luscious tribal fusion bellydance moves that are so popular these days!
After the workout, Sharon teaches four dance combinations. Then the four combinations are put together into a really nice tribal fusion style dance.

Sharon teaches while standing next to a mirror, making it easy to see what her body is doing. Her outfit is not distracting. She demonstrates the moves while a voiceover (Sharon's voice) explains them. This DVD seems to have a lot of thought and planning behind it. It omits the negative elements (such as distracting costumes, bad sets or annoying music) that ruin the quality of some other dance and workout DVD's.
Finally, Sharon performs the same dance she teaches in the DVD, only she adds her own style and grace. It's a lovely performance.
There is a bonus interview with Sharon and some "credits" where she thanks the people who have inspired her and helped her along her dance journey.

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