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Custom-designed by Gabrielle Reece, her personal trainer Mike Monroe and approved by a leading OBGYN, FIT & HEALTHY PRENATAL WORKOUTS, safely and effectively condition your growing body by focusing on strengthening and stretching moves. With six 15-minute workouts, you ll always find time to work out. Stay fit and healthy while you increase your self-confidence and feel great throughout your first two trimesters.

This is by far the BEST prenatal workout video available. This is my second pregnancy and I wish this were available during my first. I spent lots of money on other videos that were not challenging enough. This video focuses on toning the areas that can get flabby during pregnancy: arms, glutes, thighs and abs with weight and strength training. These areas needn't be out-of-shape due to pregnancy. Because of this video I have been able to maintain (and build) my muscle tone and prevent the flabbiness, most noticeably in my arms during this pregnancy. The workouts are short (20 minutes) so I can fit them in while my son is taking a nap.
I found this video six months into my second pregnancy and even though the workouts are labeled for the first and second trimesters I am still completely comfortable with the exercises. I am currently rotating the 4th, 5th and 6th month workouts.

I am thrilled that there is finally a workout challenging enough for people at a medium to high fitness level. You do need a fitness ball, fitness band, and dumb bells to experience the full effects of this workout video but the investment is worth it. My arms look great and I am confident wearing sleeveless shirts during the hot Florida weather because of Gabriel Reece's workouts. Arm jiggling is sure to be banished for users of this video.

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