No time to exercise? We have the solution for you - the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we've found 5 fabulous workouts, each only 10 minutes. You;ll get the variety you need to stay motivated, be challenged, and best of all, get in great shape.

I am so glad I bought this exercise video. It is exactly the DVD I need at this point for my exercise routine. I get bored easily and this video keeps me focused and working hard because I know each segment will be over in 10 minutes. The pilates section is basically abs and the yoga section is basically stretching. The boot camp and kickboxing sections get my heart rate up. The only section I don't particularly like is ballet (kind of boring) so I usually do 4 of the 5 workouts, and the DVD allows me to customize which segments I want to do and in the order I prefer. It helps knowing I am going to do four 10-minute segments rather than a 40 minute workout, which is crucial for my motivation right now. Also, I really like the instructor because she moves quickly between moves, and there is no time wasted as she explains a move while demonstrating it at the same time. She is encouraging without being annoying. It is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a new and good workout and something different than the same old videos you have been using.

kualitas DVD Ori
durasi total 50 menit
durasi 10 menit/workout
rilis 2004
detil lihat dipreview

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10 Minute Solution-10 Minute Workouts to Shape Up Your Whole Body-Michelle Dozois

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