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Our Pilates inspired Balance Ball for Weight Loss DVD with Suzanne Deason jumpstarts your fat-burning chemistry and helps to build lean muscle mass. Go beyond weight loss plans focused on external goals, and get to the heart of what's behind weight gain: something that is out of balance within. Use the ball to engage more muscles, boost calorie burn and sculpt abs, glutes, thighs and upper arms. Recommended props: Balance Ball® and yoga/fitness mat. 50 minutes.
Balance Ball for Weight Loss DVD Includes:

  • 15-minute custom workout routines that fit any overbooked schedule
  • Get-real eating guide that shows you how to combine everyday foods you love to maximize fat-burning chemistry and banish cravings

Most weight loss plans are all about reaching an external goal: fitting into a clothing size, reaching a magic number on the scale, eating a set number of calories or carbs ... BalanceBall for Weight Loss works like no other plan you¹ve tried ‹ and keeps the weight off for life ‹ because it gets to the core of what¹s out of balance on the inside. This program is different because it¹s about fitness and food that rebalance your body¹s fat-burning body chemistry, lean muscle mass and self-image from within as it reshapes your body on the outside. With this program you¹ll get Custom Workouts and nutrition that work with your schedule and your life. You¹ll learn motivating Pilates-infused routines using the BalanceBall to engage more muscles and boost calorie burn as you sculpt abs, glutes, thighs and upper arms. Gaiam¹s signature attention to body mechanics and breathing tune you in to your body more than other workouts ‹ so your mind and muscles work in sync to get you strong and confident from the inside out. Our quick-reference nutrition guide helps you rebalance your body chemistry healthfully, with leading-edge advice on combining foods to maximize fat burn, have more energy and end cravings. BalanceBall for Weight Loss sets you up for success for a lifetime. Your BalanceBall for Weight Loss DVD.

Certified Pilates, yoga and workout instructor Suzanne has created more than 20 best-selling weight loss and fitness programs including Gaiam's 7-time award-winning Yoga and Pilates for Weight Loss DVDs.

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