Turbo Jam 3T Totally Tubular Turbo-Chalene Johnson


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Turbo Jam 3T Totally Tubular Turbo-Chalene Johnson

I thought this was a nice compliment to the Turbo Jam cardio workouts. I actually prefer it to Turbo Sculpt from the first Turbo Jam workout set--cueing was a bit better, moves seem to be a bit more thought out, etc. I also had a proper sweat going on so I was glad that this workout can really get the heart pumping. While Chalene is still her cute and bubbly self, I did find this one a slightly dull (this observation could spring from my personal prejudice against resistance training so you'll have to be your own judge in this area).

The workout is a bit over 30 minutes and can be done with resistance tubing or free weights (a few of the participants actually use them in the video). While I didn't find the tubing difficult to work with or anything, I personally prefer to use weights. I usually do strength training starting off with 5 lbs weights so I felt that the workout was more effective this way. Chalene suggests that this workout can be also done without tubing or weights but by "using your own resistance."

4 min warm-up: toe taps, punches, squats, stretches

The majority of these exercises start out in half time, then goes to "singles," ending in pulses then repeated on the opposite side of your body:

5 min "Biceps & Outer Thighs": biceps curls, angled bicep curls, outer thigh raises to the side and to the back
6 min "Shoulder & Thighs": lateral raises, lunges, lunges with extensions---One crazy twist to one set of the lunges? You go down, hold the down position then raise up sloooowly--ouch! but in a good way ;)
5 min "Triceps & Glutes": Tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, tricep straight-arm pulses (double ouch!!), squats
3 min "Back & Outer Thighs": rows, more outer thigh exercises
5 min "Abs": Various floor exercises (a few will be familiar to you if you own Ab Jam): Side bends, plank with leg extensions, push-ups

Cool Down:
3 min "Post-Strength Stretch": Quad stretch, "bow", "child's pose", etc.

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