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A few weeks ago, I got the five workout TurboJam set that includes "Learn & Burn", a 20 minute workout, and Cardio Party I. I'm loving Turbo Jam, and highly recommend it. I ordered Cardio Party 3 because I was doing Cardio Party I everyday and recognized that I'd want to rotate some other videos in to avoid boredom.

While I enjoy Cardio Party 3, I think if you start with it you won't enjoy Turbo Jam. Insofar as Turbo Jam has weaknesses, they are more noticeable here, and the strengths are harder to see. Chalene Johnson doesn't use the music as well here, and sometimes it seemed like she was fighting the beat. She does more high impact, and she expects you pick up a lot more without cuing. She's also a bit more annoying, with more chatter and an overly cute little skirt. That's all fine if you're adding this DVD to a Turbo Jam collection, but not a good way to start.

The five workout set that comes with Cardio Party has a slow section that teaches the moves and two very manageable workouts for getting started. Then Cardio Party 1 is a lot of fun, works well with the music, and is a better way to get going.

An update to this review: after quite a bit more TurboJam, I came back to Cardio Party 3. While my original review stands, once you are good at TurboJam and trying to maintain some variety, this could become a favorite. It is higher energy than the others, and harder to learn. As I've gotten better at TurboJam, and my workout requirements more demanding, the challenge of Cardio Party 3 makes it a favorite. I still struggle with how the class is moving to the music, but as I learn the routine I'm able to look away and concentrate on the beat myself. I'd buy this one last...by then you'll be ready for it.

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