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This is a wonderful high intensity workout. If you haven't tried Turbo Jam, you are in for a real workout treat! Chalene takes what might be boring punch and kick moves and turns them into exciting ab core exercises that really get you motivated and working out! This is one of my favorite workout DVD's in the Turbo collection. She has some wonderful combination moves that are great and get you pumped. I've been doing Turbo Jam for a short while but lost weight and inches (read my review on Turbo Jam Fat Blaster).

This is a great workout DVD. The moves are designed to flow with your own natural movement and there is a team member on all the DVD's, Mindy, who always does the modified version for those who need a little boost. For the rest of us, these moves can be pumped higher and hotter to get the best cardio workout. If you don't know about Chalene and her infectious smile and truly inspirational workout spirit, you are missing out on a great thing! This DVD has about six minutes of warm up which starts off hot and moves into the rest of its 48 minutes (total) of hard workout.

The end of the DVD has some tubular toning, just a couple of minutes or so. The tube thing is a rubber band with handles to work the deltoids and glutes (butt muscles) to tone. I think it was a way to introduce the tube idea - I'm not so crazy about it. (Producers should let her do what she does best and thats pump, punch, kick and jam). On the other hand, the tubes help you learn balance and coordination which calls for a different use of your muscles.) The DVD ends with about a three minute stretching routine. I do the tube stuff at the end as part of a cool down anyway. My only personal bias is that I wish they would have lengthened the cardio by a few minutes and dumped the tubular stuff. You will however get your total cardio workout and will feel it at the end. It's a great routine by design, it is a total workout and one of my absolute best in my collection. The DVD is about 50 minutes long in total workout time.

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