Get ready for the most intense Kettlebell workout ever! Steve Maxwell has created the 300 Kettlebell Challenge to help build the ultimate Spartan Warrior body. This incredible strength and conditioning workout incorporates strength, cardio and joint mobility techniques for 300 brutal reps creating the most extreme workout ever using the Russian Kettlebell. This is not only the ultimate Kettlebell test, but the ultimate training routine to get you in top physical condition. On DVD one, Steve shows all 18 techniques of the 300 challenge, teaching proper form for each one. On DVD 2, you get to follow Steve along as he takes you through the complete 300 challenge teaching proper pacing, strategy and technique to get you through the workout. If you are ready to be the ultimate modern day Spartan Warrior, this is the workout for you!
DVD 1:
VOLUME 1: 300 Kettlebell Challenge Exercises
1. Around The Body Pass
2. Halo
3. Good Morning
4. Windmill
5. One Arm Swing
6. Swing High Pull
7. Snatch
8. Clean & Press
9. Circular Clean
10. Squat Press Combination
11. Cossack Curl
12. Reverse Lunge & Press
13. Deck Squat
14. Reverse Turkish Get-Up
15. Suitcase Row
16. Crush Press Situp
17. Russian Twist
RUNNING TIME: 42 minutes
DVD 2:
VOLUME 2: 300 Kettlebell Challenge
RUNNING TIME: 30 minutes
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300 Kettlebell Challenge by Steve Maxwell

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