Grand Master Leg Locks by Gokor Chivichyan


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Tighten up your attacks with genius mechanics and hidden details that will take your understanding of the lower body submission game to the next level
Learn old school secrets that aren’t on your opponent’s radar
Discover some of the most refined leg lock material in all of BJJ from one of the most seasoned veterans in the game
Add new and exciting transitions and traps to your leg attack arsenal
THE LEG LOCK IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! After being forged in the fires of modern competition, the leg lock has claimed its place as one of the most DEVASTATING AND EFFICIENT ways to win in BJJ. It is in many ways, THE GREAT EQUALIZER and it is feared by those who don't subscribe! As the leg lock becomes more widely accepted in competitive formats of all kinds, it's imperative that we develop and understand its power, or become VICTIMS OF ITS TREACHERY. The leg lock game can be ignored no longer and it's time for you to recruit some knowledge of attacking the lower half into your own BJJ toolbox!
Gokor Chivichyan has been in the game for decades. He is one of the kings of the old school alumni and his leg lock game reflects his extensive and illustrious career. Chivichyan has prepared a TRULY ILLUMINATING MENU of some of the most classic lower body submissions with his incredible knowledge and innovations sprinkled in to give you new insight on this exciting realm of attacking.
So, What's On This Series?
Knee bars, heel hooks, straight style locks, defense, offense, there are no stones left unturned here. Chivichyan will guide you on ONE OF THE MOST DENSELY PACKED LEG LOCK JOURNEYS YOU'LL EVER EXPERIENCE. With offensive and defensive measures covered, you'll learn technique from both ends of the spectrum, increasing your awareness and and proficiency of this deadly, COVETED SYSTEM OF SUBMISSION ARTISTRY!
In 4 amazing volumes you’ll be treated to multiple attack sequences, that include instruction on all of the major positions and their submission opportunities. You’ll also further your understanding of defense and get some insight on some of the best TRANSITIONS THAT YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED! Have you ever received detailed instruction on a hip lock? How about finally dismantling the lockdown? You'll get more than you bargained for with this one! Enjoy simple, clear, and concise instruction from a titan of the old school and get your leg lock game on point in a hurry!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Outside Heel Hook
Countering the spin with the calf slicer 
Preventing the spin with advanced leg entanglements
Figure Four Heel Hook 
Straight Ankle Lock
Countering the hip escape 
Choke Grip Ankle Lock
Finishing the Straight Ankle Lock
Part 2:
Cross Ankle Lock
The zig zag
50/50 ankle lock 
Straight Leg Lock to Straight Armbar
Straight Ankle Lock counters 
Straight Kneebar from Half Guard (Top) 
Straight Kneebar from Half Guard (Bottom) 
Rolling attacks from Half Guard
Part 3:
Rolling attacks from Full Guard
Omoplata to Heel Hook 
Omoplata to Armbar 
Countering the omoplata roll to armbar 
Spinning Kneebar From Half Guard Top 
Spinning kneebar from Half Guard bottom 
Cross Ashi Garami Attacks (Gokor Style) 
Killing the Lock Down 
Leg lock from standing 
Leg lock from standing 
Rolling toe hold
Part 4:
Hip Lock
Double Ankle Sweep Counter 
Outside Heel Hook and Kneebar Escapes
Standing Reap to Kneebar 
Straight Kneebar from Standing 
Rolling Straight Leg Lock Takedown 
Transitioning the armbar to a leg lock
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