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no more failed guillotines:
Turn Your Most Frustrating Choke Into The Smoothest, Surest Submission In Your Arsenal
Everyone is watching. This is your moment.
You have your opponent in a guillotine… your teammates are cheering… your coach is screaming… the referee has his whistle ready…
But you know the truth – the choke isn’t there. Your opponent is relaxed. He knows your arms are tired…
How long can you squeeze? When he frees his head, you’re done. He’s going to smash past your guard & submit you in front of your team. And you’ll be too exhausted to stop him. All because you failed a submission that you’ve drilled since whitebelt.
Afterward, your coach says “I thought we worked on finishing… ?”; your teammates say “Just squeeze harder.”; and your opponent says “You never had it… I rested while you struggled.”
You need to get a grip on how guillotines really work.
If You Had A Fearsome Guillotine, Everything Would Be Easier
Wrestlers would be scared to shoot on you
Scramblers would refuse to scramble with you
Bigger, stronger opponents would have to rely on strategy, not muscle
Whether you’re competing in IBJJF, fighting in a cage, or fighting for your life in self-defense — the guillotine should be your ace-in-the-hole.
That’s why legendary fighters & coaches place a premium on guillotine mastery. Because a proper, precise guillotine will save your life. Why else do you think ~20% of ALL submissions in UFC history are guillotines?
So why can’t you get it right?
It’s Not Your Fault
Most of us weren’t taught to guillotine properly. In fact, the guillotine is notoriously hard to teach. Think about it – in guillotine position, your coach can’t see your hands! The most critical, innermost part of your submission is hidden beneath your opponent’s neck. Your coach never knows what mistakes you make ‘under the hood.’
This is why students give-up on the guillotine.
It’s a shame. Because the truth is… The adjustments that turn a ‘stalling guillotine’ into a ‘finishing guillotine’ can be learned in ONE HOUR.
I’ve coached hundreds of students. They all make the same mistakes. They think:
ball-and-socket is the ideal guillotine grip ☒
the one-arm guillotine is a “just a show-off move” ☒
guillotines can’t be finished from side-control ☒
it’s game-over when your opponent jumps cross-body (LOL!) ☒
These assumptions are true… if you have a mediocre guillotine. But in one hour, you can separate from the herd & enter a ‘higher paradigm’ of guillotinery. When you learn the secrects of mastery… you play by new rules.
Rules where:
the Von Flue choke is neutralized ☑
the chin-tuck is no longer a valid defense ☑
one-arm finishes are regular & easy ☑
you finish guillotines from EVERYWHERE… even ‘bad’ positions ☑
your opponent taps BEFORE you squeeze, saving your arms from exhaustion ☑
Headhunting at this level is rare. Few are qualified to ‘throw-out the rules’ like this. If you want a next-level guillotine that always finishes, you must learn from a specialist.
Meet Your Guillotine Specialist
Hi, I’m Cody Maltais, former Marine & blackbelt under ADCC champion Robert Drysdale.
I’ve grappled & fought MMA for 14 years & I own the Elevate MMA Academy in Durham, North Carolina.
My decade-long obsession with mastering the guillotine began at Team Quest.
When I trained at Team Quest, everyone was a world-class athlete. Except for my jiu-jitsu coach. In a room of BEASTS he stood out for being a pretty average looking guy.
But that didn’t stop him from submitting top-10 light-heavyweight fighters, and middleweights on a daily basis! The least athletic guy in the gym, whose body screamed “hobbyist!”, was embarrassing fighters you’ve seen on pay-per-view!
And he wasn’t a jiujitsu wizard, either. He was as good as anybody at his belt-level… until he got a hold of your neck. I can count on one hand the number of times I saw him secure a headlock and not get at least a sweep from it.
I weigh 145lbs. I told myself, “If the guillotine is the key that allows small hobbyists to tame & maim big, explosive athletes, then I must become a guillotine master.  This is how I will deal with the Olympic and All-American level wrestlers I am training with daily”
10 years later, here I am. I’ve coached hundreds of students, fought professionally, and let me tell you: the guillotine you learned as a whitebelt needs an upgrade.
The Guillotine System: Fast-Track To A Fearsome, Fail-Proof Guillotine
The Guillotine System is 10 years of knowledge distilled into a 12-chapter video course guaranteed to make you the threat that coaches warn their students about.
This is not a 14-hour philosophy course. It’s a one-hour, no-bullshit instructional giving you the exact details to take your guillotine from crap to kick-ass in 60 minutes. In this whole course, there’s only one minute of theory and almost 59 minutes of clear, direct instruction!
12 Lessons To Mastery:
60-Second Theory: Why To Use The Guillotine
Finishing Mechanics: The Truth About Why You Aren’t Finishing
The Four Positions: Submit From All Angles
Bottom Grips: The Four Hand-Grips of Proper Guillotinery
Roll Through: Never Accept Bottom Position Again
The Wrong Side: Turn The ‘Wrong Side’ Into The Right Side
Top Finishes: The Ultimate Finishing Positions For MMA
The MOST IMPORTANT Drill: Drill This ONE Sequence Everyday
Grip Battles: Beat Their Defense, Every Time
Gi-O-Tine: Strengthen Your Finish With Collars & Lapels
Top Half-Guard: Easily Pass Or Submit From With-In Half-Guard
Bonus Material: ‘Hip-Stripping’ & Grip Battles
Each chapter averages at 5-minutes long & is sub-divided into individual techniques; perfect to watch before class or between rolls.
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