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Update Your Armlock Arsenal With Creative And Innovative Attacks From One Of The Trickiest Grapplers In The Game, Jeff Glover!!
Learn Jeff Glover’s unique approach to attacking armlocks from a multitude of positions and creative situations.
Leave no option of escape with Jeff’s submission sequences that put you in control of the action.
Whether you are attacking from the mount, closed guard, or side control you will learn a wide array of precise armlock attacks.
Generate non-stop offense by using Jeff’s set up attacks that transitions seamlessly into a secure submission.
Set trap after trap that will eventually lead to the tap!
Learn to attack with ENDLESS Armlocks from one of the slickest submission hunters in the game, Jeff Glover!
Jeff Glover is EASILY one of the most exciting and innovative grapplers to ever step onto the mat. On top of his exciting competitive nature, Jeff is also a world class instructor. Glover has recently set his sights on creating high level instructionals that revitalize specific aspects of Jiu-Jitsu. This time he is back to teach the art of the armlock with his 3-part instructional Attacking With Armlocks!
Attacking With Armlocks goes far behind teaching a collection of effective Armlocks. Instead, Jeff covers innovative submission sequences that can be chained together to create a VERY hard-to-stop offensive onslaught. Learn to attack with armlocks from a multitude of positions including mount, side control, closed guard, and MORE!
Attacking with submissions one move at a time can work against certain opponent’s who may lack the experience that you do. However, you know that a seasoned BJJ athlete can sometimes see that singular attack coming and easily defend. Jeff Glover made a career of unorthodox and creative attacks that continually caught opponent’s off-guard. His latest instructional is no different! Attacking With Armlocks covers how to attack with multiple moves in mind so you can always stay a step ahead of your opponent’s defense.
Jeff teaches you how to exploit common defensive strategies for your benefit. This means that when your opponent defends the Americana from the mount they only open the opportunity for you to advance your position and immediately go on the attack with your next Armlock. Don’t just dominate from good positions! Glover also covers a wide range of attacks from the bottom as well. Check out the complete technique list below!
So What’s On This Series?
Part 1:
Fundamentals Of The Armbar Position
Mounted Armbar
Americana Setup
North South
Side Mount
Side Mount 2
Part 2:
Closed Guard
Armbar Vs Standing Underhook
Pulling Into Armlock
Top Closed Guard
Bottom Side Mount
From The Back
Part 3:
Reverse Armlock
Grip Breaking
Reversing The Kimura
Escaping The Armbar
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