Systematically Attacking The Front Headlock by Gordon Ryan

Revolutionize Your Approach To Attacking The Front Headlock With A Complete 8-Part Masterclass From Grappling GOAT Gordon Ryan!

Gordon Ryan presents his world-class Front Headlock Attack System that he uses to secure guillotines, anaconda chokes, d’arce chokes, go behinds, and more!
Understand the key differences between wrestling vs Jiu-Jitsu when it comes to attacking the front headlock and exploit your newfound knowledge to secure more strangles.
Thread between various front headlock controls like the chinstrap, front chest lock, and double triceps grips to maintain control against various front headlock defenses.
Finish more anacondas, D’arce chokes, and guillotines than ever before, with top-tier finishing concepts from Gordon Ryan!
Discover creative ways to defeat and exploit defensive hands from opponents attempting to stop the onslaught of front headlock attacks!
Troubleshoot common defensive reactions like guard pulls, roll throughs, peek outs, and more with precise counters that keep you in dominant position.
Learn the most sophisticated front headlock system in Jiu-Jitsu with Gordon Ryan and his 8-part instructional detailing all-aspects of dominating from the front head lock!

Wrestling Vs Jiu-Jitsu - Key Differences
Basic Elbow Dilemma
Offensive Hand Positions
Defensive Hand Positions
Locked Vs Unlocked Hands
Ways To Escape

Intro To Front Head And Arm/Chin Strap
Countering Basic Guard Pull With A Knee Slide
Forcing Chest To Chest Half Guard
Countering 2 On 1 And Circle
Countering Peak Out
Countering Elbow Pass
Basic Snap Down From 4 Point
Similarities And Differences Between Front Head Lock And Chinstrap

Intro To Front Chest Lock
Countering A Guard Pull
Forcing Chest To Chest Half Guard
Countering Peak Out
Basic Snap Down From 4 Point
Similarities And Differences Between Front Chest Lock And Double Triceps

Intro To Guillotines
Types Of Guillotines
Basic Elbow Rule
Centerline Shift
Chin To Chest
Lower Body Control
Set Ups Vs No Defensive Hands
Set Ups Vs Single Defensive Hand
Set Ups Vs 2 Defensive Hands
Misdirection Set Ups
Finishing Mechanics
Various Leg Positions
Finish From Mount
Guillotine Combos

Intro To Anaconda
Guillotine Anaconda Dilemma
Basic Set Up
Counter Drag
4 Point Anaconda
Countering Defensive Roll
Olympic Roll To Anaconda
Anaconda To Guillotine
Intro To D’arce
D’arce Guillotine Dilemma
Belly Up/Belly Down Theory
Basic Knee Block Feed
Locking The D’arce
Finishing Mechanics
D’arce To Guillotine
Anaconda/Guillotine/D’arce/Go Behind Quadrilemma
Take 2
Seated Kata Gatame

Intro To Go Behinds
Consequences Of Go Behind - Wrestling Vs Jiu Jitsu
Knee Block Go Behind
Cross Knee Block
Misdirectional Throw By
Misdirectional To Cross Knee Block
Guillotine To Knee Block
Similarities And Differences - Chinstrap/Front Headlock Vs Chest Lock And Double Triceps
Submission/Go Behind Combos

Rolling - Reese
Rolling - Landon
Rolling - Fernando
Rolling - Reese 2
Rolling - Landon 2

Rolling Commentary - Reese
Rolling Commentary - Landon
Rolling Commentary - Fernando
Rolling Commentary - Reese 2
Rolling Commentary - Landon 2

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release 01 March 2024
Systematically Attacking The Front Headlock by Gordon Ryan

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Systematically Attacking The Front Headlock by Gordon Ryan

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