Lung Ride System by Liam Resnekov

Punish and Brutalize Opponents With Liam Resnekov’s Dominating Lung Ride System That Anyone Can Learn To Generate Fight-Stoping Pressure From A Wide Range Of Positions!

Liam is a 2nd degree black belt and co-coach/owner of VT1 Jiu-Jitsu.
You don’t need to be larger or stronger than opponents to dominate them with pressure!
Go far beyond just pressure with Liam’s unique concepts of utilizing wedges, body alignment, precise angles, and more to generate fight-stopping pressure!
Develop a deep understanding of the principles of compression and leave your opponents gasping for air.
Safely train with your partners and learn how to practice the lung ride system both safely and effectively!
Whether you are just starting out, or are a experienced competitor the Lung Ride System has something for EVERYBODY!
Turn a wide range of top positions like side control, mount, top half guard, and more into hostile territory for opponents with The Lung Ride System by Liam Resnekov!

Part 1
3 Types Of Suffocation
Connection vs Disconnection
Principles Of Compression
Opposing Forces
The Wedge
Bigger vs Smaller
Guard Retention and Breathing

Part 2
Super Knee Ride
Cross Crush
Close Crush
Purgatory Combo
Quarter Crush Over
Quarter Crush Under
Super Mount
Technical Mount
Back Crush
Scissor Crush

Part 3
Half Guard Crush Vs Frames
Rib Breaker
Quarter Guard Crush With Super Knee Ride
Quarter Guard Crush With L Crush
Staple Pass 

Part 4
The Quagmire
Smothers The Whisperer
Smothers Waterboarding/Mother's Milk
Smothers Waterboarding/Mother's Milk Counter
Smothers The Conan
Smothers Cobra Crush
Smothers The Chiropractor

Part 5
Breathing Exercises
Course Conclusion

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duration 1 hour 45 minutes
release 23 March 2024
Lung Ride System by Liam Resnekov

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Lung Ride System by Liam Resnekov

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