Cheat Code NoGi Passing by Dominique Bell

Feel Like You Are Using Cheat Codes To Pass The Guard With Dominique Bell’s Complete Guide To No-Gi Passing!

Dom Bell is a BJJ Black Belt and international competitor that has seen success at the highest levels of the sport!
Develop a complete passing system that allows you to blend between passes like the knee cut, high step, side smash, shin slice, and MORE!
Make headquarters a vital position to your passing arsenal and benefit from a stable base that allows you to stay mobile.
Drastically improve your passing percentage with passing combinations that can be adapted in real-time to your opponent’s reactions.
Build a passing system forces overly defensive opponents to expose their back, and learn to become a back taking machine with Dom’s unique back take drills!
Discover unique variations of the knee cut to keep opponents guessing, including Dom’s personal favorite knee cut variation he has used at the highest levels of competition!
Level up your No-Gi Passing skills with Cheat Code No-Gi Passing by Dominique Bell!

Covering Headquarters
Side Smash
Outside Pass

High Step
Top Spin After Pass (Unlocking Arms)
Back Take Drill

Diving Kneecut
Dom Kneecut
Combining Outside Pass Kneecut And Side Smash
Shin Slice Pass
Chin Strap To Pass

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Cheat Code NoGi Passing by Dominique Bell

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Cheat Code NoGi Passing by Dominique Bell

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