5 and 10 Finger Guillotine-Chris Brennan


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Chris "the Westside Strangler" Brennan is widely regarded as one of the first American Jiu-jitsu practioners who really embraced NoGi grappling. Although he started training in the gi at the Gracie Academy, early on in his training he focused completely on NoGi and MMA. Chris is not only a professional grappling instructor but he is also an avid competitor with matches in the UFC, Pride, KOTC, BJJ Worlds, and ADCC.
On this DVD Chris teaches his innovative 5 and 10 finger GUILLOTINES. These are some of Chris' most painful subs and after watching this you will see why! The Westside Strangler shows you how to get the chokes from just about all positions including the mount, side control, guard, half guard and more. Not only does Chris show you how to get the choke, but he also shows you how to defend it.
Intro to guillotines
Standing 10 finger guillotine
10 finger guillotine from Peruvian necktie
10 finger guillotine from pulling guard
10 finger guillotine from guard with arm in
Defense from 10 finger guillotine with arm in
10 finger guillotine from opponent trying to pass
10 finger guillotine to triangle set up
5 finger guillotine from open guard
5 finger guillotine from mount
10 finger guillotine from side control 1
10 finger guillotine from side control 2
5 finger guillotine from half guard
Defense from 10 finger guillotine from side control
Defense from 5 finger guillotine from half guard

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