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The Backpack System: The Unstoppable Leg Riding System That Turns Everyone
National Finalist & 2-time PA State Champ Ethan Lizak shows the moves he used to dominate on the NCAA mats
Shows how to be an effective and active leg rider from top
Learn Ethan's signature Backpack move, that he used against the elite of the nation
Now you and your athletes of any age can learn the hidden details to winning this position every time
Know More. Win More.
Learn How To Pin The Best In The Nation From Wrestling’s Most Dangerous Backpack
National Finalist & 2-time PA State Champ Ethan Lizak shows the backpack top system he used to dominate on the NCAA mats
Become a ruthless top wrestler and turn everyone you wrestle with The Backpack System by Ethan Lizak, one of the best top wrestlers in modern NCAA history. Ethan developed a one-of-a-kind system for using pressure and leverage to turn from top, even at the highest levels of folkstyle wrestling, and now you can learn that full blueprint to victory on this two volume series. Get on top and stay strapped to them like a backpack using this series of moves for big back points and pinfall victories.
As a two-time Pennsylvania state champion and Minnesota Golden Gopher, Ethan Lizak lit up the field from top, securing three All-American honors and a trip to the NCAA finals. The crazy thing was, everyone knew what he wanted to do, but they still couldn’t stop it! Now you can learn what makes him so effective, as he explains his total top game in step-by-step detail.
Ethan’s system uses leg riding and tilt variations, including his own signature “backpack” turn, to reliably turn and pin. Ethan shows you this signature turn, and teaches the little details that anyone can use to become a good leg rider from top. Turn the top position into a match ender for yourself with these combinations and techniques from NCAA finalist Ethan Lizak.
With Ethan’s masterful techniques and strategies, you can make the top position your biggest weapon. Lizak won dozens of division-1 matches from the top position, tilting, turning, and pinning some of the nation’s best with his reliable system. Now, you can use these elite techniques on this two-volume series, The Backpack System.
Volume 1
Spiral Ride Breakdown to Leg In
Misdirection Backpack
Spiral Ride to Half Series
Double Boots to Figure Four
Power Half
Volume 2
Spiral Ride to Tilt
Bar Tilt
Ball and Chain
Leg In Mat Return
Bar Half
High Gut
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