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Perfect The 2-on-1 Attack, With Bulgarian Olympian Georgi Ivanov. This Move Gives You An Unfair Advantage You Can't Afford to Miss
Olympian and PAC-12 Champion Georgi Ivanov shows one of the most extensive and complete 2-on-1 series EVER!
Finish in dozens of ways for big throws and shots that are effective and efficient. These are the same moves that worked at the world and Olympic level.
The 2-on-1 is one of the strongest tie ups in all of wrestling, learn how to dominate every match from this position
Perfect for wrestlers of any age of level
Learn one of the most complete and effective takedown attacks with Olympian Georgi Ivanov’s 2-on-1 Encyclopedia. This four-volume collection of takedowns, counters, throws, and combinations all from the 2-on-1 tie will give you a gameplan and series around how to dominate from the feet and score tons of takedowns. Georgi Ivanov has been studying this position for years, mastering all the little details and most effective attacks so he can now pass that along to you. Watch now, follow along with Georgi’s personal step-by-step flowchart and learn the solution to your wrestling troubles with Olympic-caliber technique.
The 2-on-1 tie is one of the strongest positions in all of wrestling if you know how to use it! Across this new instructional release, you will learn how to get to the 2-on-1, how to move and control with it, how to use it for attacks (ranging from basic to elite), and even how to defend the 2-on-1 so your own position can’t be used against you. This is a series full of those little details that will bring you huge results, and the battle-tested leg attacks, huge throws, and sneaky combos you need for the tough matches.
Whether it’s in folkstyle, freestyle, or even a grappling match, having a position to dominate from puts you in control of the takedown. The 2-on-1, in all its forms, is one of the best control ties, because of the way you can move someone and the safety that it offers. Even at international competitions, the 2-on-1 is one of the most common and best ways to win, dating all the way back to the USSR’s use of the tie up! Now, learn from 2016 Bulgarian Olympian and NCAA Division-1 wrestler Georgi Ivanov, one of the masters of the 2-on-1, a hold that he used to take himself to the highest levels of sports.
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