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Turn Their Shots Into Your Points With These Systems For Shutting Down Shots
NCAA All-American Vic Avery Shows His Defenses And Counters For Scoring With Counter Offense Against Elite Attackers
Stop aggressive wrestlers best attacks and counter for your own points with this defensive masterclass
Take every major shot and find the best ways to stop giving up the takedown, using technique and strategy.
Vic Avery is an Division-1 wrestling All-American (placing as high as 3rd in the nation) and coach at Harvard University
See the secret details behind what makes for the best shot defense.
Vic Avery is an Division-1 wrestling All-American (placing as high as 3rd in the nation) and coach at Harvard University, and was known in his competitive career as *incredibly* hard to score on (even for elite guys). He shares the secrets that turned him into a defensive monster here so that you can learn how to shut down wrestlers the same way he did. You’ll be getting the same techniques that Vic teaches his Division-1 athletes to get them ready for elite folkstyle competition, with professional-level coaching.
Everybody wants to be an offensive wrestler, scoring lots of takedowns and always working for the best positions. Still, eventually everyone is going to need to learn to defend, so be ready with technique and a plan when the time comes. Learn how to keep strong position on your feet (so you don’t give up your legs) with Vic’s heavy handfighting strategies and stance work. Once they get to your legs, be ready with these highly effective ways to counter! Vic starts with baseline defenses and eventually works up to elite counters that will let you scramble your way on top and potentially even look for the fall.
Master positions like the crackdown and single leg defenses, so you are able to dynamically defend and come on top for your own takedowns. Vic shows you how you can recognize the threat, stay safe, and systematically begin working for counters with his methods for wrestling through every position. From high crotches, high singles, low singles, and more, you will be getting complete defensive gameplans for how you can attack the defense instead of holding on and hoping for a stalemate.
Don’t let their offense be the end of the match anymore! Now, you can have the bulletproof defenses you can use to hold position and counter for your own takedowns. NCAA All-American Victor Avery shows all his favorite defensive and counter wrestling tactics across these 4-volumes, with each one packed with the details that will make a difference between giving up a takedown and scoring one of your own
So What’s On This Series
Volume 1
Hand Fighting Concepts
High Crotch Defense
Knee High Bump Head Inside
Crackdown Defense With Funk Leg
Volume 2
High C Crackdown Defense With Quad Flex
Single Leg Trade Hands Step Away Sprawl
Defending Pop Up Single
Volume 3
Pop Up Stair Step
Pop Up Leg Scissor
Matador Ole
50/50 Scramble Concepts
50/50 Scramble Knee On knee
Volume 4
Low Single Defense Knee Down Straighten Leg
Low Single Step Over
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