Hand Fighting Fundamentals by Steve Mocco


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Win the first and most important battle in wrestling with this fundamental series in the keys to hand fighting success
Steve Mocco is a 2008 Olympian, 2-time NCAA Champion, and Hodge Trophy winner, known for his brutal hand fighting even against way bigger opponents
Learn how to snap, underhook, pass elbows, and more on this two-volume series around how to get control the right way on your feet
Clear from control ties and front headlocks with technique and turn their position into your points
Get your hands on your opponent and move them out of position with these handfighting and takedown techniques from 2008 Olympian and Hodge Trophy winner Steve Mocco. Steve was known as one of the most brutally effective heavyweights ever, and now you can learn his secrets on this two-volume series. Dominate from the opening whistle with these combinations and techniques from handfighting master Steve Mocco.
Steve Mocco is one of the best ever when it comes to winning matches with devestatingly effective handfighting. Even though he was a small heavyweight, giving up height and weight to most of his opponents, Steve would always be able to move them out of position with these handfight keys to victory. Now his system for wearing people down with his Iowa-style handfighting can be yours on this two-volume series.
Steve shows how to hand fight people around the mat, get the tie up you want, snap people down, and more. Learn how to score takedowns from any of the tie ups Steve shows, including the elbow pass, underhook, and two on one, and the front headlock series that Steve used to win some of his biggest matches. Also learn the defense and counters to these sticky tie ups, with takedowns you can hit even when your opponent has a hold of you.
Use this two-volume series to start winning from the opening whistle with solid positioning and leveled up hand fight skills. Move your opponent, break their defense open with your hands, and get your takedown more reliably than ever.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Basic Drill 
Snap Down Drill 
Snap Down 
Offense from Underhook 
Step Pivot from Underhook 
Two on One Series
Two on One Knee Pick 
Two on One Snap Downs
Part 2:
Elbow Passing
Finishing the Snap Down
Clearing Underhooks 
Clearing the 2-on-1 
1-2-3-4 Drill 
Clear Arm Drag 
Traditional Arm Drag 
Arm Drag Head Roll 
Clearing the Front Headlock
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