Winning Tough by Pat Downey


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Learn how to win and pin from one of wrestling's most unorthodox athletes, Pat Downey
Acquire the skills to stalk your opponents properly in order to close distance and set up attacks
Discover the importance of recruiting a “go to attack” into your arsenal
Transition from takedown to pin with more efficiency and effectiveness
Pat Downey is one of the grittiest wrestlers on the senior level and his methods are some of the most unorthodox, but he knows how to win! Downey, a U.S. Open Champion and freestyle maniac has developed some of the most interesting systems in the sport of wrestling and he’s unleashed them on the masses to help you RECRUIT UNIQUE SKILLS THAT WIN MATCHES.
Downey knows exactly how to navigate the grappling exchange against TALENTED WRESTLERS and in this unique series he will share his blueprints for CONTROLLING THE FLOW OF A MATCH from the opening moments, to the pin. This conceptual instructional will shed light on some of the more practical transitional moments of a wrestling match and help you shore-up your foothold on POSITIONAL AS WELL AS TRANSITIONAL DOMINANCE.
In the first volume, Downey will help you understand how to DICTATE THE OPENING MOMENTS OF THE MATCH and begin winning from the feet . He'll demonstrate how to connect to your opponents with your favorite tie ups so that you can be first and START WINNING FROM THE ONSET OF THE EXCHANGE. He’ll advise you on the importance of having a “go to attack” and provide advice on how to maintain a lead as well as how to avoid a pin. In the second half of the series, Downey will delve into ideas on transitioning from the takedown to the pin as well as unique themes like the bear hug shrug and the armbar pin.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Closing distance by Stalking
Control Ties off of Stalking 
Fishhook Lock 
Importance of a ‘Go To Attack’ 
Maintaining a lead in crunch time 
Avoiding a pin 
How hold down a pin
Part 2:
Transitioning from takedown to pin
Armbar Pin 
Front Head Lock 
Bear Hug Shrug 
Bear Hug
Low Gut 
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