Clearing Ties and Creating Action by Dan Vallimont


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Learn all the right ways to stay in position and create the action you want to happen
Clear and counter out of all the most common and stubborn positions, including underhooks and two-on-ones
Dan Vallimont is a 5-time US Open Placer, NCAA Finalist at Penn State, and former D1 wrestling coach
Attack systematically with these combination techniques to mix leg attacks, throws, and more
Handfight your way to wrestling success with these techniques and strategies from NCAA Finalist, former D1 coach, and senior-level freestyle athlete Dan Vallimont. Handfighting is one of the hardest concepts in wrestling to master, but it is so important that it determines winning and losing in nearly every match. Now, you can learn the subtle art behind controlling an opponent from the feet (and not letting him control you) with former Penn State team captain Dan Vallimont.
Every match starts neutral and whoever can control their opponent with strategic and technical handfighting usually has a huge head start towards victory. There are important concepts, fundamentals, and techniques you need to know and now they are all together in a single three-volume series. Learn from the same man who has trained under two Olympic champions and found huge success at every level of wrestling with these important lessons.
You can get the same step-by-step coaching that Dan gave to his team at Hofsta University, where he coached D1 (producing two team championships and two All-Americans in his six years). Dan Vallimont has competed at the highest levels of American wrestling, including making the NCAA finals as a Penn State team captain under Cael Sanderson and placing at the US Open a stellar five times.
He’s currently training under 2000 Games Olympic Champion Brandon Slay at the Penn RTC in preparation for the 2021 Olympic year, and he is partnering with Fanatic Wrestling to share some of the elite handfighting details and secrets that wrestlers of ANY age can benefit from
Learn how to lock up the right way and clear out of some of wrestling’s most stubborn tie ups, including the underhook and the 2-on-1, so that you never have to get bullied around the mat again. Don’t just clear, but clear and create action with these counter attacks, shots, and throws that you can start attacking from anywhere with these wrestling systems.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Creating Motion 
#1- Punch 
#2 - Push 
#3 - Pull
#4 - Press 
#5 - Pass 
#6 - Post 
#7 - Pump Fake
Putting It All Together
Introduction to The Collar Tie 
#1 Tricep & Bicep Slide-By 
#2 Punch - Circle 
#3 Punch-Hook 
#4 Two on One (Russian Tie) 
#5 Elbow Pass
Part 2:
Introduction to the Under Hook 
Punch Circle Limp Arm 
Hand To Thigh Circle 
Side Step Double [Against Dominant Side Hook] 
Side Step Single [Against Non-Dominant Side] 
Inside Trip [Against Non-Dominant Side] 
Fireman’s Carry
Part 3:
Introduction to the Two on One
Clearing Top Hand
Clearing the Bottom Hand
Side Step Single [Non-Dominant Side] 
Side Step Double [Dominant Side] 
Hip Toss
Backside Trip 
Putting it All Together 
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