The Basic Building Blocks Of Wrestling by Jacob Harman


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Build Successful Wrestling Habits With Elite West Coast Coach Jacob Harman's Guide On Fun & Effective Youth Wrestling Coaching
Coach Jacob Harman teaches you how he helped mold great athletes with positive energy and a focus on technique
Learn the basics of wrestling from one of the most accomplished and sought after coaches in the sport
Use skill-building  games that are both fun and beneficial to your progression as a grappler
Discover drilling sequences that will quickly increase your understanding of the fundamental movements and themes of wrestling
Enjoy top tier instruction on the most important takedowns, including the double leg and the single leg with the most critical beginner level details that you need to build a strong wrestling foundation
Wrestling is one of the most effective grappling arts on the planet, and so many of us start young with bad habits or coaches who don't know the best techniques. Whether you're an athlete looking to insulate your basics with some new information, a coach who wants to help his whole team at once, or a parent who wants to share with a child, good wrestling technique young is super important. Enjoy the perfect beginner’s guide, which includes the most basic concepts, drills, games, and instruction from one of the most sought after youth coaches in the nation. 
Let So Cal wrestling Coach of Team Thunder, Jacob Harman be your guide as he REVEALS THE SECRETS OF THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF WRESTLING. Harman’s career as a wrestling coach spans decades and in that time he's assisted UFC champions, IBJJF champions, as well as ADCC champs, ACHIEVE SUCCESS AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS. Harman knows exactly what you need to begin recruiting the basics of wrestling into your toolbox and has compiled the perfect index of skill-building drills, games, techniques, and concepts in one instructional series!
You'll start with some ideas on BUILDING THE PROPER STRENGTH to get your takedowns on point. As you progress through the 4 volumes, Harman will explain the importance of games and introduce you to FUN AND ENGAGING GAMES like one-footed chicken, smash, and sumo! He’ll expose you to some of the most important drilling sequences in the sport to help you ENHANCE YOUR MOVEMENT AND TRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO THINK LIKE A WRESTLER. 
Harman will make sure you understand the inner workings of the most important takedowns like the double leg and the single leg, SHARING THE CRITICAL DETAILS YOU NEED pertaining to these classic takedowns and their utilities. You'll even get advice on some of the most common mistakes and instructions on how to fix them. With step by step, clear, and concise instruction, you'll enjoy Harmans educated and simple approach and reap the benefits of his extensive experience in the sport with these 4 incredibly helpful volumes of basic instruction that ANYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM! 
So What's On This Series
Volume 1
The Importance of Games
Where Should You Start
Strength Progressions - How To Teach Strength
Push-Up Progressions
Wall Progressions
Teaching Explosivity
Plank Progressions
Squat Progressions
Footwork Fundamentals
Footwork Fundamentals Continued
Volume 2
Jumping Progressions
Jumping Progressions Examples
Bridging 101
Bridging Out Of Bounds
The Importance of Games
Game 1 - Shoulder Sumo
Game 2 - One Footed Chicken
Game 3 - The Foot Step Game
Game 4 - Sumo
Game 5 - The Hands Game
Game 6 - T-Shirt Game
Game 7 - Smash
Volume 3
Introduction to Drills and Fundamentals
Double Leg Basics
High Crotch Basics
Single Leg Basics
Wrestling With Single Legs
Volume 4
Double-Single-High Crotch Drill
Common Mistakes to Fix
Knee Sliding
Line Drills
Head Positioning
Closing Thoughts
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