Dynamic European Takedowns by Boris Novachkov


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Bulgarian Olympian Boris Novachkov teaches the keys behind his unique offensive arsenal of takedowns
Bulgarian Olympian Boris Novachkov teaches the keys behind his unique offensive arsenal of takedowns
Learn these systematic approaches to positions like the two-on-one, underhook, and more - and watch your takedown rate shoot up.
These work in freestyle and folkstyle wrestling - Boris is an Olympian for Bulgaria and a three-time All-American for Cal Poly.
Attack with shots, drags, misdirection and more - including throws like the fireman’s carry and arm spin that can launch people with leverage and timing.
Attack takedowns with these techniques forged in Eastern Europe’s competitive and unique style, as Bulgarian Olympian Boris Novachkov shows you his offensive arsenal. Use positions like the 2-on-1, the underhook, and more for systematic freestyle and folkstyle success. This is your opportunity to learn from Boris Novachkov, an NCAA national finalist in college, and an Olympian from one of the world’s toughest wrestling countries.
Instead of attacking with the common American style of attacks, you can learn how the trickier European style can blend into any game. Boris Novachkov used these takedowns to compete at the highest levels of folkstyle and freestyle wrestling, including becoming a 3-time D1 All-American for Cal Poly (once wrestling in the national finals) and competing at the Olympic Games in Rio. Boris is currently training at the NJ RTC, where he is sharpening these moves that he shows on this 3-volume series.
Learn the takedowns that can help you against more athletic and experienced wrestlers, with these changes and key details that Boris has been refining his entire life. Work with these effective systems from two-on-ones, underhooks, elbow passes, and more (including throws like the Jordanov that will catch people totally off guard). Included on this three-volume series is Boris’s freestyle top work, including the gut-wrench and leg lace details that can make all the difference against good opponents.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Entering The 2-1, Proper Control
2 on 1 Go Behind
2 on 1 Ankle Pick
2 on 1 Fireman's Carry
2 on 1 Arm Throw
2 on 1 Foot Sweep
2 on 1 Leg Hook
2 on 1 Defense
Elbow Control
Elbow Control Misdirection
Elbow Control Throw By
Underhook Clear to Ankle Pull Go Behind
Underhook Clear to Misdirection
Part 2:
Arm Throw Left Arm
Jordanov Arm Throw
Arm Throw Right side
Left Side Underhook to Iranian Double
Right Side Underhook Attack
Right Side Underhook Drag
Arm Drags From The Open
Arm Drag Knee Pull
Part 3
Top Game
High Gut
Opposite Side High Gut
Trap Arm Gut
Leg Lace
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