Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns and Throws by Reece Humphrey


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2019 Freestyle Wrestling Coach Of The Year Reece Humphrey Lays Out His Complete Upper Body Attack Strategy That Will Get Your Opponent Off Of Their Feet And The Fans Onto Theirs!
Reece teaches you game-changing details to highlight reel techniques like his signature duck under and upper body clinch work.
Master the skills and drills that Reece puts his NJ RTC athletes through, and see why all his athletes can go upper body with anyone!
Learn efficient footwork that puts you in position to attack with highlight-reel throws.
Use creative setups and duck unders to get in on your opponent with consistency and transition to leg attacks and other offense, no super strength needed.
Make highlight-reel throws and takedowns part of your attack arsenal with Reece Humphrey!
Reece Humphrey is one of the most sought after coaches in wrestling. As 2019 Freestyle Coach of The Year, Reece helped some of the top athletes in the game including Pat Downey, Anthony Ashnault, & Tyler Graff. With Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns & Throws Reece goes into every aspect of what it takes to execute bigtime throws and takedowns.
Set Up Crisp Attacks With These Championship Combos
The duck under plays a vital role in Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns & Throws. Thankfully, Reece goes over the gritty details of proper footwork and tactical timing required to execute the duck under. Learn over EIGHT duck under setups and variations that will leave your opponent wondering what happened!
Throw For Big Points With These Highlight Attacks!
Using these duck unders is an excellent way to get in on your opponent’s upper body, which sets up Reece’s hardest-hitting throws. Learn how to find a consistent path to close the distance and attach to your opponent. With these upper body setups, mix in some of these classic throwing techniques for ultimate success.
Learn From The 2019 USA Freestyle Coach of the Year!
A common misconception with throws is that you need to be a freak athlete with immense strength. Reece focuses on using proper positioning and setups that take strength out of the equation. By using methods like the duck under, leave your opponent out of position with little option of defense. Catching your opponent off-guard is a great way to attack with Highlight Reel techniques.
Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns & Throws is a 4-part series that covers everything from duck under setups, to match ending hip tosses. Reece is one of the most sought after coaches in the sport, and this instructional covers some of his best tactics!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Duck under Positioning - Outside Duck Positioning
Outside Duck Footwork
Front Duck Footwork
Middle Duck Footwork
Part 2:
Duck Under Setups and Finishes - Setup #1 - Tricep Tie
Setup #2 - Elbow Tie
Setup #3 - Underhook
Setup #4 - Overhook
Setup #5 - From Wrist Control
Setup #6 - From Opponent's Front Headlock
Setup #7 - From Opponent's 2 On 1
Part 3
Highlight Throws - Gaining The Body Lock Position
Throwing Drill
Finishing The Body Lock
Step Around Option #1 - Under Position
Step Around Option #2 - Double Underhooks
Step Around Option #3 - Double Overhooks
Step Around Option #4 - Lateral Drop
Part 4
Headlock (Drag and Punch)
Headlock (Big Throw)
Sag Hip Toss
Hip Toss (Big Throw)
How to Secure The Fall
Bonus Freestyle Move: Neck Wrench
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