The Underhook Formula by Dan Vallimont


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The Underhook Formula by Dan Vallimont Gulat Wrestling
Attack Both Sides Of The Body For Takedowns With This Total Underhook Wrestling Gameplan!
Attack left and right for takedowns from the underhook, one of the strongest tie-ups in wrestling
Dan Vallimont shows his technique for getting to the underhook and using it to set up crisp takedowns
Dan is a former NCAA finalist for Penn State who currently wrestles for the Penn RTC on the elite senior level
The underhook combos taught here work from little league up through college and beyond
NCAA Finalist & Former D1 Wrestling Coach Dan Vallimont Shows You How To Use The Underhook For Maximum Scoring Potential
What Will You Learn?
Punch in your underhooks and start scoring with these wrestling takedowns from Dan Vallimont, an NCAA Finalist and senior freestyle wrestler. This 3-volume series will let you learn the key details on how to get to this control tie, how to safely use it to set up takedowns, and how to attack for big points when the time is right.
Instead of focusing on a certain side with your underhook, which is easier for opponents to shut down, use setups to attack both sides for your underhook with these key insights from Dan. Use the underhook to set up precise leg attacks like a single leg or high crotch, throw big with techniques like the fireman’s carry, or snap someone down into front headlocks where you can learn how to grind them down.
Dan teaches an entire system so that you always have ways to attack and force action even against talented wrestlers. Now is your chance to benefit not just from Dan’s step-by-step teaching, but also learn when and why to use and combine moves for maximum results.
Master the important setups from the position, including the right way to fake and snap to get your next opponent moving out of position and right into your next trap. If you can keep someone out of position and off-balance, then you can crack open their defense and start scoring, and Dan Vallimont teaches you exactly how to do that.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1: Underhook Positioning & Fundamentals
Introduction to the Underhook Position
Get To Your Underhook #1 - Club/Hook
Get To Your Underhook #2 -Swim/Hook
Get To Your Underhook #3 -Punch/Hook
Get To Your Underhook #4 -Shot/Hook
Get To Your Underhook #5 -Clear Two On One
Part 2: Left Side Hook
Outside Step High Crotch - Finish High With Knee Pound
Outside Step High Crotch - Finish Leg Outside
Outside Step High Crotch - Finish Iranian lift #1
Outside Step High Crotch - Finish Iranian Lift #2
Fake/Snap/Go Behind - Push Pull Punch
Fake/Snap - Finish Cow Catcher
Fake/Snap -Roll Through Cement Mixer
Fake/Snap -Finish Inside Trip
Fake/Snap/Elbow Pass - Finish High Crotch/Double
Fake/Snap/Elbow Pass - Finish Single
Fake/Snap/Elbow Pass - Finish Ankle Pick
Side Step Single
Part 3: Right Side Hook
High Single - Finish Punch/Kick
Inside Reach Single - Finish High With Knee Pound
Inside Reach Single -Finish Low
Circle to Ankle Pick
Side Step Double
Head and Arm - Finish Slide By/Merkle
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