Dominating The Top Position by Chris Perry


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Dominating The Top Position by Chris Perry
Learn The Top Wrestling & Leg Riding Secrets That Helped Oklahoma State Coach Chris Perry Win 2 National Titles
Break down your opponents and get to work on top with these wrestling techniques from 2-time NCAA Champion Chris Perry
Use these bar pinning combinations to finish matches and score big points for yourself and your team
Chris is a current wrestling coach at Oklahoma State University, where he trains some of the best wrestlers in the nation with these moves
Throw in legs and learn how to use your lower body for maximum safety and leverage, no matter your body type or experience level
Part 1:
Spiral Ride Breakdown Fundamentals
Chop and Drive
Ankle Chop
Claw and Drive
Half and Drive
Far Ankle Far Knee
Part 2:
Collecting The Bar
Spiral Ride - Hard 30 Seconds
Chop and Drive
Claw and Drive - Side to Side Shift
Turns From The Bar
Bar Tilt to Both Sides - Load Up The Hips
Bar on the Back - Claw Tilt
Chicken Wing and Half For a Pin
Collecting The Bar If Man Is Basing Out
Part 3
Introduction to Leg Riding
Introduction to Throwing Legs In
Breaking Opponents Base - Two Hands to One Wrist
Transitioning From Legs to Power Half and Bar Series
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