Introduction to Youth Wrestling by Zack Esposito


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Introduction to Youth Wrestling by Zack Esposito
Build A Positive Practice Environment For Your Kids' Wrestling Success
Learn the structure and flow of a youth wrestling program from one of the most decorated coaches in NCAA history  
Coach Zack Esposito is one of the assistant coaches at the decorated Oklahoma State University and one of the most technical NCAA champions of his generation
Help the youth under your guidance to build incredible grappling habits that will last a lifetime
Discover the warm-ups, concepts for stance, conditioning, and games that kids need to excel as young wrestlers
You’ll now understand what it takes to create the perfect environment for your young wrestlers so they can flourish
Part 1:
Starting Practice - Picking Partners
Starting Practice - Warmup
Starting Practice - Stretching
Starting Practice - Wall Drills
Starting Practice - Wall Drills (Part 2)
Partner Drill #1 - Back Arch
Partner Drill #2 - Diving Forward Roll
Partner Drill #3 - Cartwheel
Partner Drill #4 - Hip Heist
Partner Drill #5 - Shoot Through The Legs/Leap Frog Over
Partner Drill #6 -Spin Drill
Partner Stance Drill #1 - Circle and Direction Change
Partner Stance Drill #2 - Downblock/Re-Attack
Partner Stance Drill #3 - Sprawl/Re-Attack
Part 2:
Stance, Motion, and Penetration Step
Introduction to Stance - Square Stance and Staggered Stance
Jumping From Square to Staggered Stance
"T" Line Drill In Action
Intro to the "T" Line Drill
Straight Line Drill
Sprawl, Pop Up, Circle
Groundwork of Penetration Step -  Push and Drag Drill
Groundwork of Penetration Step - Push, Drag, Step Up
Groundwork of Penetration Step - Level Change
Groundwork of Penetration Step - Sweep Single Basics
Part 3
Double Leg - Push Drive Run From The Ground Up
Double Leg - Push Drive Run From The Ground Up
Double Leg Set Up - Wrist Roll
Sweep Single Leg From The Ground Up
Sweep Single From The Feet
Sweep Single Set Up - Wrist Grab
Snap and Spin From The Feet
Getting Set Correctly in Top Position
Half Nelson Basics
Tight Waist & Ankle Breakdown
Tight Waist & Ankle Breakdown to Half Nelson
Inside Leg Standup Basics
Sit Out Cut Away
Part 4
Bonus Section
Conditioning and Games
Bear Crawl
Bear Crawl to Pushup
Spiderman Walk
Wheelbarrow to Pushup
Wheelbarrow to Pushup Jump
Seal Slides
Frog Jumps
Lunging Jumps
Game 1 - Freeze Tag
Game 2 - Steal The Ball
Game 3 - Sumo
Game 4 - Tails
Game 5 - Ride The Bull
Game 6 - Toe Touch
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