Overhoook and Underhook Mastery by Blaize Cabell


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Master Crucial Overhook And Underhook Concepts With Assistant Navy Wrestling Coach And 3x NCAA Qualifier Blaize Cabell
Learn genius overhook and underhook strategies to develop better defense and offense
Discover an entire library of  high level-details that will make setting up takedowns easier than ever
Attack upper and lower body with a wide variety of exciting shots and throws
Part 1:
Underhook Throw By Single
Underhook Snap Down
The Cow Catcher
Underhook Whizzer Kick Single Leg
Overhook Inside Trip
Chain Wrestling to a Double Leg
Overhook Throw By
Part 2:
Body Lock Lat Drop
Snatch Single Leg
Underhook Throw By
Underhook High Crotch
Overhook High Crotch
Part 3
Underhook Duck Double
Overhook Lat Drop
Front Headlock Offense
Front Headlock Defense
Overhook Fireman's Carry
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