Championship Wrestling Fundamentals Cowboy Offense by John Smith


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Learn The 3-Part Takedown System of The Greatest American Wrestler Ever, John Smith, On This 6-Volume Series From The Legendary Oklahoma State Cowboys Coach
Score more takedowns than ever with this complete takedown system from coach John Smith
John Smith is a 2-time Olympic Champion, 4-time World Champion, and quite possibly the greatest American wrestler of all time
Master the skills of stance, motion, sprawling, and more as John shows how to use movement as a weapon on the mat
Learn the low single from the master and inventor of the move, as John Smith shows you the inside secrets behind his low-level system
See why so many of John’s NCAA Champions and All-Americans at Oklahoma State excel in elbow control attacks with this elbow off system
Attack with quick and effective duck unders and pass bys that anyone can use for wrestling success
Part 1:
Introduction & Importance of Stance and Motion
Motion From Stance
1. Square Stance & Stagger Stance Basics
2. Circling In Square Stance
3. Staggered Stance Moving Forward
Part 2
Adding Shots to Stance and Motion
Drilling Stance, Motion, Shots, Sprawls
Sprawling and Circling Up
Stance and Motion Drill in Action
Strategies For Remaining Confident
In Stance Motion & Final Words
Low Single Fundamentals
Part 3
Straight On Low Single Level Change and Positioning
Misdirection Low Single & Head Through Low Single
Part 4
Finishing The Low Single Clean
Finishing The Low Single In Scrambles
Setups For Low Single - Straight & Misdirection
Final Words
High Crotch and Elbow Control
Part 5
Fundamentals of Elbow Control
High Crotch to Dump
3 Keys To The Dump Finishes
1. Elevate The Leg
2. Swim
3. Bait
Part 6
Keys to the Duck Under
Keys to Hitting A Pass-By From Elbow Control
Final Words
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