Mastering Takedowns With Motion by Shelton Mack


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Develop A Complete System Of Attack From Space With Shelton Mack! Control The Action From The Neutral Position With His Movement Setups And Efficient Takedowns
Use motion to set up creative traps that will catch your opponent off guard.
Stay on the attack by using an energy-efficient approach that gives you control of the action while you lure your opponent into your takedowns.
Understand the principles of stance, distance, fakes, and motion to continuously find yourself ahead of the opposition. 
Set up attacks from all ranges with or without contact.
Break the rhythm with Shelton’s unique hesitation attacks that catch your opponent before they can react.
Kualitas 720p/DVD
Format file MP4
durasi 1 jam 30 menit
Rilis Agustus 2020
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