Killer Catch Wrestling Combos by Erik Paulson


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Use Paulson’s systematic approach to combination takedowns that ensure you are on top once the battle hits the floor.
Dominate with tie-ups that keep your opponent off balance and unready to defend your offensive onslaught!
Once the fight hits the floor take control with crippling Catch Wrestling combos!
Paulson’s innovative groundwork provides an all-new perspective on hunting submissions!
Erik Paulson is one of the pioneers of MMA and was one of the first mainstream instructors to focus on groundwork in the early days of the sport. This focus has led Erik to become a premier coach in the sport as well as one of the most sought after minds in terms of instruction. Paulson is a legend with tips, tricks, details, and never before seen nuances that will give you the upper hand on the mat!
Killer Catch Wrestling Combos is a 3-part series dedicated to Erik Paulson’s most effective takedowns, gritty groundwork, and killer combinations that opponent’s simply can’t keep up with. It all starts with Erik’s tried and true takedown strategy. Let’s face it if you cannot take the battle to the floor we won’t be able to work all of our slick sweeps, passes, and submissions! Erik looks to layout an easy-to-follow takedown program that allows you to control the action and transition seamlessly from takedowns to submissions.
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