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Attack Heel Hooks from Everywhere with Russian BJJ Specialist and ADCC European Trials Champion Abdurakhman Bilarov
Bilarov has defeated some of the biggest names in BJJ via heel hook and has captured multiple high level titles during the course of his career
Master some of the most technical and dangerous heel hook variations in BJJ
Explore a ibrarby of leg attacks from a variety of positions including half guard, De La Riva guard, closed guard, butterfly guard, and much more
With Heel Hooks from Everywhere, Russian BJJ specialist and ADCC European Trials Champion Abdurakhman Bilarov will give you the tools you need to find, secure, and finish heel hooks from literally almost EVERYWHERE. Bilarov has been considered one of the hottest BJJ prospects to emerge out of Europe and he's implemented his insanely dangerous leg attack game at the highest levels of the sport. Now, you’ll get access to his entire lower body attacking game so that you can start recognizing heel hook opportunities from multiple positions, helping you to become a more dangerous and well-rounded grappler!
In 3-parts, Bilarov will take you everywhere from standing, where he’ll talk about the Imanari roll as well as other exciting entries, to 50/50, half guard, butterfly guard, closed guard, and beyond, all with the intent of hunting heel hooks and securing the finish. You’ll explore inside heel hook variations, outside variations, and transitions, all coupled with dangerous finishing mechanics and high level instruction!
If you take a look at Bilarov’s competition record, you'll find multiple heel hook finishes against some of the toughest competitors out there. This dangerous leg specialist is finally opening the vault to give us an inside look at how he approaches the lower body attacking game and how he chases the heel hook from every position imaginable. Buckle up and enjoy as Bilarov provides you with world class instruction and technique in this specialized series dedicated to the destruction of the lower half!
Part 1:
Heel Hook entry From Takedown
Imanari Roll Entry To The Inside Heel Hook
Scissors Inside Heel Hook Entry
Pick-Up Go TO THe Knee With The Transition To The Inside Heel Hook
50/50 Heel Hook
Half Guard Heel Hook
De La Riva Inside Heel Hook
Part 2:
De La Riva Outside Heel Hook
Pass Two Legs To The Outside Heel Hook
Butterfly Guard Outside Heel Hook
Half Guard Heel Hook Attack
Closed Guard Heel Attack
Outside Heel Hook Attack
Part 3:
Butterfly Inside Heel Hook
Transition From The Knee To The Outside Heel Hook
Going From Single To Foot Lock And Heel Hook
Entry To The Inside Heel With One Leg
Entering The Inside Heel From Side Control After An Opponent's Shrimp
Transition To Inner Heel From De La Riva (Bottom)
Triple Leg Attack
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