Torture Chamber Top Wrestling and Escapes by Zain Retherford


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Torture Your Opponents With Effective Brutal Top Wrestling and Escape Every Time With These Winning Mat Wrestling Systems From One Of The Most Accomplished NCAA Wrestlers Ever, Penn State’s Zain Retherford
Break down opponents from top with these battle-tested top wrestling techniques from 2-Time Hodge Trophy Winner & World Team Member Zain Retherford.
Turn opponents with crushing pressure and precision with hammer locks, power halfs, turks, and more!
Escape from bottom with Zain’s system for clearing bad positions and escaping every time.
Get elite level mat wrestling details from one of the most dominant NCAA wrestlers ever, including the top wrestling he was known for.
Learn the same techniques Zain used on his incredible run to three NCAA championships and two Hodge Trophies.
Win on the mat and smash your opponent on the way to racking up points with 2-Time Hodge Trophy Winner Zain Retherford’s guide to effective top and bottom wrestling. Now is your chance to learn from the Penn State legend as he show you the same techniques he used on his way to one of the most dominant NCAA careers ever.
Get on top of your next opponent and get to work with these no-nonsense top moves. Learn how to ride with legs in to set up hammer locks and power halfs, and troubleshoot each position with Zain’s careful instruction. Zain Retherford set himself apart from the nation on top, and now you can see the keys and details behind how he did it.
You have to be able to get out from bottom to beat tough wrestlers, and now you can use Zain’s proven system for getting up and out for your escapes. Clear bad positions like tilts, crab rides, arm bars, and more before using careful leverage and positioning to build up and away.
Every match will hit the mat, and you can give yourself every advantage with these proven strategies. Zain Retherford is a clear and careful coach who can help you improve from top and bottom with better technique and more skill than ever.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Introduction to Top Wrestling
Hammer Lock
Hammer Lock When Opponent Curls Up
Hammer Lock With Legs
Legs With Power Half
Legs With Reinforced Power Half
Bow and Arrow
Pretzel Turk
Part 2:
Introduction to Bottom Wrestling
Ideal Starting Position & Tricks
Get Fingers and Seal Off
Breaking Out Of Tilts
Breaking Out Of Legs & Power Half
Breaking Out Of A Claw
Clearing A Crab Ride
Breaking An Armbar
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