Effective Wrestling For Gi Jiu-Jitsu by Adam Wheeler


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Learn to Wrestle Effectively In the Gi with Olympic Bronze Medalist Adam Wheeler’s Guide To Wrestling Skills That Actually Work In A Gi
Wheeler is BJJ black Belt, a 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist , and a Black Belt Masters No Gi World Champion
Master perfectly transitioned wrestling applications for jiu-jitsu to give you an edge on the feet, when attacking the turtle, and even from the top and bottom guard positions
Avoid common pitfalls of integrating wrestling into gi jiu-jitsu and strengthen your game with world class wrestling technique tailor made for training in the gi
In Effective Wrestling for Gi Jiu-Jitsu, 2008 Olympic Greco Roman Bronze Medalist Adam Wheeler will teach you how to transition multiple wrestling based techniques into your gi jiu-jitsu game effectively so that you can benefit from the strength of great wrestling during the jiu-jitsu exchange. Wheeler is a BJJ black belt that knows exactly how to integrate wrestling technique into a gi without the common risks that many of us face when trying to blend the styles and he’ll provide world level guidance to help you do this effectively!
This isn't just a series on takedowns! Wheeler will provide blueprints for multiple standing situations as well as how to attack the turtle, and even techniques from the top and bottom! You’ll use the duck under, the ankle pick, the double leg, and more to remove your training partners and opponents from their feet, all with the use of the gi worked into the mix!
You’ll attack the turtle using the spiral ride and finish with some incredible submission options that include chokes, a neck, crank, and the banana split! Wheeler will round out the series with some beautiful options to sweep from the bottom position and pass the guard using wrestling based concepts!
This specialized series is a gem for anyone looking for help with crossing over and mixing their grappling styles safely and effectively to maximize their potential. Not all wrestling blends well with BJJ and Wheeler has taken the guesswork out of this process with this focused instructional dedicated to wrestling in the gi!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1
5 Takedowns In The Gi
Intro To Takedowns In The Gi
Takedown #1 - Ankle Pick
Takedown #2 - Double Leg: Break The Glass Finish
Takedown #3 - Double Leg: Trip Finish
Takedown #4 - 2 On 1
Takedown #5 - Duck Under to Lift Finish
Part 2
Front-Side Offense
Cow Catcher to Side Control
3/4 Nelson
Nearside Cradle
Attacking The Turtle
Spiral Ride Breakdown
Spiral Ride to California Choke
Spiral Ride to Bow and Arrow Choke
Spiral Ride to Banana Split
Spiral Ride to Neck Crank
Part 3
Using Wrestling To Sweep From Bottom
Sleeve Drag: Heel Flip
Sleeve Drag: Bring Foot to Outside
Toreando Pass Defense
Lapel Single Leg Sweep
Using Wrestling to Pass From Top
Double Leg Pass
Triangle Pass
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