Gold Medal Fundamental Offense by Adeline Gray


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Learn Gold Medal Winning Takedowns and Top Wrestling From 5-Time World Champion Adeline Gray and Score More Points With Her Signature Freestyle and Folkstyle Attacks!
Wrestle from top and score clean takedowns that lead to turns with Adeline Gray’s guide to scoring in freestyle and folkstyle.
Adeline Gray is one of the most successful American wrestlers of all-time, winning 5 World Championships for Team USA.
See the keys to Adeline’s signature leg lace that she uses to close out matches against the best of the best in freestyle.
Turn from top with turks, tilts, bar arms, and cross knee turns as Adeline shows you her entire system for scoring exposure and back points.
Score takedowns with front headlocks and underhooks and add to your arsenal with effective shots and go behinds.
Now is your opportunity to learn from one of Team USA’s most successful wrestlers of all-time, as Adeline Gray shows you her signature top wrestling and takedowns that she uses at the elite levels. In this 4-part series, you’ll learn how to score more points from your feet, and then how to finish matches on the mat with Adeline’s technical top work.
See the keys to success behind Adeline’s signature leg lace, one of the best in the world, as she shows you how to collect the legs and get this match-ending technique in freestyle. In either freestyle or folkstyle, you can get to work on top with her turk series, bar arm, tilt series, and more as she shows you step-by-step how to attack from top.
Score more takedowns and give yourself more chances to finish the match on the mat with some of Adeline’s favorite takedowns, including wrestling out of front headlocks and underhooks with tricky techniques for getting your opponent down.
Across 4 volumes, you can get a total level up on your game, with techniques for scoring from tons of positions. Adeline has perfected these techniques and continues to be one of the America’s standout champions, and now you can see some of her techniques for beating the best.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Leg Laces and Cross Knee Turns
Traditional Leg Lace
Double Knee Trap Tilt
Low Ankle Lace
Leg Lace Variation #1 - When Opponnet Foot Blocks
Leg Lace Variation #2 - Leg Outside
Leg Lace Variation #3 - When Opponent Extends Leg Out
Leg Lace Variation #4 - Opponent Has 1 Straight Leg, 1 Bent Leg
Leg Lace Variation #5 - Opponent Pressures Back IN
Traditional Cross Knee Turn
Part 2:
Turk Series
Hand Turk
Turk Defense
Hand Turk From A Double Leg
Leg Turk From A Double Leg
Finishing The Turk With A Half Nelson
Part 3
Bar Arm and Tilt Series
Traditional Bar Arm
Bar Arm Variation #1
Bar Arm Variation #2
Bar Arm Variation #3 - Opponent Bases Up
Bar Arm Tilt
Step and Pull Tilt
Trap Arm Tilt
Defending The Bar Arm
Key Lock Tilt
Theory of Par Terre Wrestling
Part 4
Neutral Position Fundamentals
Front Headlock Shake Finish
Defending The Front Headlock - Short Drag
Earning The Underhook Position - From Fake Single
Earning The Underhook Position - Inside Wrist Tie
Double Underhook to Pass-By
Zombie Chop Underhook Defense
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