The Art of Hand Fighting Turning Their Control Tie Into Your Offense by Jon Morrison

Uncover Elite Hand Fighting Techniques From Jon Morrison A Four-Time NCAA Qualifier From Oklahoma State University And Gain Access To The Insider Secrets Of His Dominant Hand Fighting Skills!

Learn from a wrestling standout who has battled on the biggest stages. Jon Morrison will share the precise techniques and strategies that helped him excel in collegiate wrestling.
Master the art of hand fighting to gain control, dictate the pace, and set up your takedowns, all while keeping your opponents off balance and frustrated.
Benefit from Jon Morrison's expertise as he provides personalized guidance and valuable feedback to help you improve your hand fighting game, regardless of your skill level.
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced wrestler, Jon Morrison's teachings will help you take your hand fighting to the next level, giving you a competitive edge and a path to success in the world of wrestling. Don't miss this chance to learn from a true wrestling champion!

Initiating Contact Properly and Winning First Contact
Back Hand Club to Inside Control
Climb the wrist
Jab Fake Freeze
Post Club to Underhook
Clearing the Collar Tie to Scores
Options to Clear the Collar Tie on Both Sides
Roll the Wrist to Drag
Thumb Block
Heavy Elbow Pass to Leg Attack or Fake Snap
Elbow Pass Over the Head
Pop to Underhook
Control Elbows
Over Tie
Clearing Underhooks and Scoring with Overhooks
Arm Up / Elbow Down
Thigh Pry Drag Single
Thigh Pry Swim High Crotch
2 Knee Fireman's Carry
Inside Trip
Polish Step Around
Step Behind / Arm Over
Scoring with Double Overhooks - Inside Trip
Scoring with Double Overhooks - Polish Step Around
Scoring with Double Overhooks - Fake Headlock - Metzger
Clearing Wrists, 2 on 1 and Front Headlock
Climb the Wrist - Option 1
Climb the Wrist - Option 2
Change Off Pick
No Soft Hands / Elbow Back to Side
Rolling to Underhook
Attack the Top Hand
Attacking Far Elbow
Foot Block Pick
Limp Arm / Step Behind
Clearing FHL - Elbow / Post / Circle
Clearing FHL - Drag
Implementing Control Drills

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The Art of Hand Fighting Turning Their Control Tie Into Your Offense by Jon Morrison

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The Art of Hand Fighting Turning Their Control Tie Into Your Offense by Jon Morrison

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