• Aggressive Underhook Takedowns by Jacob Kasper
Take your passing to the next level with inside tips from one of Europe’s BEST No-Gi Grapplers.
Use Thomas’s fundamentals to compliment your own, and adapt your passes into hard to stop sequences that combine the strongest passes in BJJ.
Learn the Shin Crush Pass, and how it completely immobilizes ANY guard retention your opponent hopes to gain.
Thomas’s signature elbow pass is a must-have for any grappler looking to shut down today’s trickiest guards.
Take control with Luta Livre Guard Passing!
Passing the guard without the Gi is a unique challenge that can be conquered with Luta Livre Guard Passing. Thomas Loubersanes, European No-Gi Standout, looks to share his unique adaptations to guard passing that perfectly suit No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. This 3-part series lays out the foundations, drills, positional concepts, and an ample amount of guard pass variations that shut down today’s trickiest guards.
Waiting around for your opponent to establish their guard is a losing strategy. Instead, with Luta Livre Guard Passing, you will learn how to control the action while passing the guard. Leave no opportunity for your opponent to attempt sweeps or submissions when you use Thomas’s crushing shin pass series. Immobilize your opponent's legs as you climb to a dominant position. 
A major difference in Thomas’s style vs traditional styles of passing is the aggressiveness. The tempo Thomas creates is hard for most guard players to keep up with. Throughout the 3-part series, you will learn how to be more aggressive when attacking the guard. This non-stop approach puts the guard player under constant threat of getting their guard passed. Thomas goes an extra step by giving you his best drills to help you become a more aggressive and efficient guard passer!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Approach Through Fundamentals
Fundamentals Of Levels 
Fundamentals Of Distance 
Pin Pointing 
Situation Of Drills 
Capitalizing On Your Opponent’s Reach
Part 2:
Guard Passing 
What Is The Guard Pass? 
Important Guard Passing Steps
Practical Applications 
From Passing To Stabilize 
Practical Applications 2 
Knee Positioning Details
Precision Drilling On Ankle Focused 
Precision Drilling On Knee Focused 
Dealing With The Cross Post
Part 3:
Passing Techniques 
Shin Crush Pass 
Shin Crush Pass Variations 
Signature Elbow Pass 
Guard Pass Using The Shin
Front Headlock Pass 
Top Spin Pass 
Takedown Bonus 
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Aggressive Underhook Takedowns by Jacob Kasper

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